From #CovidGuru to #CovidSilence, Here’s a list of New Words invented during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Coronavirus Pandemic is the greatest plague witnessed by our generation and during these trying times some new words are invented. Here’s a list of such words coined during the Pandemic. Some were coined by me and some words just became popular. Words coined by me are marked with an Asterisk. 

Coronapocalyse: The end of the world due to rising COVID-19 infections.

CovidGuru*: A person who knows everything about Coronavirus Pandemic and preaches everybody.

Coronalingus: Sex during Corona Pandemic.

Covidiot: Someone who hates social distancing.

LockAddict*: An introvert who loves lockdown and spends most of the time binge-watching Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime etc.

Covidient: Person who follows the directives and order of the Government during the Coronavirus Outbreak. 

Coronacrisis: Unable to do work and do other stuff due to Corona Infection.

Covidstalker*: Someone who stalks crushes during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Covidsilence*: The silence between partners during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

CoronaPOLITIK*: Someone who makes the outbreak political.

Covidilemma*: To believe or not to believe in the outbreak.

Covidmoney*: Money saved during the outbreak.

Lockdownheroes*: People who do amazing things like cooking, cleaning, teaching during the outbreak. 

Coronalust*: The lust that arises due to too much social distancing during lockdown.

Covid69*: A new fictional drink invented during the outbreak.

Covidlearner*: Someone who avoids Social Network during the Covid lockdown and invests time in learning things.

Covidpaper*: Toilet paper used during the Pandemic.

Covidbuying*: Things you buy during the Pandemic.

CovidJournal*: The Journal you maintain during the Coronavirus Outbreak.

CovidDictionary*: The alternative of Urban Dictionary created during Covid-19 Outbreak.

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