The Modern Pandemic

You are not alone. 

From Holograms for meetings to 3D Printed Face Shields, humans are doing everything to prevent the killing plague. This is the time when you are tracking everything from total infection counts to countries affected by the pandemic. This is the time when you are constantly searching for innovative ways to survive the contagion. There were instances of panic buying and memes created on toilet papers. There were lock down violations and a few comedies of errors.

Celebrities and world leaders are infected and there were homeless people creating shields with mosquito nets. There are Covid idiots and Covid villains, then there are Covid Warriors and Covid Heroes. The Olympic is postponed and Tomorrowland streaming old content, this is the time when DJs going crowd less. Hand washing is now a thing in the pop-culture. The mask you wear should look hip and keeping sanitizers in your pocket is like a ritual amid the global crisis.

From quarantine selfies to strong monologues by celebrities, from lockdown critics to moratorium and goodies, the modern pandemic is creating an excruciating chaos. Now, your mind is filled with questions, your thoughts jump over the roof when you see the spread.

The world is going through a tremendous crisis. Everyday life is disrupted and people are scared to breathe. This is no dystopian science fiction or an apocalyptic imagination of a writer. It’s the reality and surviving this wave is tough. The ruthlessness of the virus is felt by everyone. It’s attacking the rich as well as the poor, it’s coming for everybody and at these trying times, there is only one thing in everyone’s mind – the lust for surviving the epidemic. Something our generation has witnessed for the first time. The virus is not your enemy, it’s not your friend, it’s something that creates that perpetual chaos. From Italy to China, from a small town in India to the most progressive city in the world, the sinister droplets are creating a huge mess. 

The world is quarantined. Most of the countries are under lockdown and we have no option left. Humans are social beings and now we all are practicing physical distancing. We have no routine to follow, we are back to the 18th century with the Internet and advanced gadgets at our disposal but deep inside our soul, we are experiencing something which we never imagined. The streets are empty, the animals are free, the turtles are nesting freely in the beaches, while humans are locked inside their houses. They say, the Earth is healing but is this the way to reboot the world? 

The Governments are working hard to contain the spread but few people are still ignorant about the criticality of the situation. Going out is a crime now. The pandemic is creating a whole lot of stress and anxiety. Quarantine is not just a thing from a Zombie movie, but an exercise that should be followed with utter sincerity. 

We are living in a world filled with opportunities and this is the time to think, introspect and make friends without meeting them physically. The world is under lockdown so everyone is on the same page. When people would talk about our generation, they will talk about this great plague. This is probably the greatest tragedy that impacted everyone. Unlike other events in history, where only a few countries are affected, the threat posed by the Coronavirus Pandemic is felt by everybody. 

Surviving this Pandemic won’t be easy but avoiding a gathering could break the chain. There is pressure but humans are utterly brave when it comes to resilience. To survive the Pandemic, we should stay indoors and do things that make us happy. From cuddling your partner to sending messages to your friends and loved ones, from watching your favourite shows on Netflix to maintaining a journal, from video blogging to Instagramming, from creating music to livestreaming life hacks, you have enough options to stay motivated during your quarantine days. This is probably the best time to call your friends and keep yourself busy. After your work-from-home hours, you may take some break and start reading interesting things online. To control the contagion, we have to create a wall, and staying at home is surely our weapon to kill the enemy.

Things will be fine, we will see the lilies blooming again, we will drive and go for long walks, we will dine out and watch movies in theatres, we will go for work and take our families for vacation, we will mingle again. Till then, we will wait. 

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