Why is ‘Sacred Games Season 2’ a Spiritual Masterpiece?

‘Sacred Games Season 2’ is a major achievement in terms of storytelling, character development, background score and acting in Indian TV/Web series landscape. It’s beautifully shot. ‘Sacred Games 1’ was about the origin story of a gangster; while Season 2 is the story of the master who wants to establish a new world order. ‘Sacred Games’ had philosophically tight moments, psychologically heavy scenes and amusing dialogues. It had borrowed elements from Narcos, Breaking Bad, Chernobyl, Wild Wild Country, and Avengers: Endgame. ‘Sacred Games 2’ ends with a cliffhanger and keeps its audience engaged for the next season. The series goes beyond the book just like Game of Thrones.

The series captures the deepest human emotions with feline ease. Unlike Season 1, Season 2 is a bit slow because it’s more about finding your inner thing rather than climbing physical ladders. It’s psychological, metaphorical and philosophical at the same time. There are many elements in the series that take inspiration from real-life chaos. From the Utopian world of ‘Ashram’ to the dystopian real world, the series establishes a deep contrast. Finding self-worth to finding the meaning of life, the characters in the series go through a roller coaster emotional ride. The main theme of the series is surely the manipulation of the human mind through mythology, spiritualism, and religious mumbo-jumbo.

Sacred Games 2 is all about cleansing the human race from its man-made chaos and creating a ‘new man’, which seems to have a direct link to OSHO’s teaching of a religious utopia. The philosophy of OSHO is highly exploited in the series. From a free world to enlightenment, from a controversial Master to relocation of its ‘Ashram’ from Croatia, it has stark similarity with OSHO’s mysticism. The religious cult led by a narcissistic but charming Master (Pankaj Tripathi) tries to brainwash its disciples with meditation and drugs. The Ashram has a minimalistic utopian feel around it that practices illegal activities to achieve mindlessness.

The separation of the soul from the human body to achieve enlightenment is delightfully portrayed. Unlike its first season, which is the origin story of a gangster, Sacred Games Season 2 is all about the ‘sacred’ part of the story and being an Indian series, the show is highly appealing to the westerners. From story to acting, from screenplay to its background score, Sacred Games 2 is brilliant throughout. The show is a must-watch for people who needs an escape route from the man-made disorder. Netflix’s Sacred Games 2 is undoubtedly a Spiritual Masterpiece.


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