Why is 'Game of Thrones: The Bells' an Epic Failure?

Game of Thrones - mostly known for its unpredictability, mind-bending twists and unapologetic power politics with a hint of mystical otherworldly charm is one of the greatest shows in TV History. Game of Thrones have achieved a massive fan following across the world. It’s one of the most talked-about shows on the planet. Fans of Game of Thrones never wanted the show to end but nothing lasts forever. Based on A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, GoT’s popularity is unmatchable in the modern world.

From 2011 to 2019, the series delighted its audience with extraordinary storytelling. You can’t miss a second of Game of Thrones as every scene is linked and well stitched. The show did immense justice to the source material as it never seemed commercial or crowd-pleasing at any point in time. GoT mastered the art of killing off characters that fans loved and it’s unapologetic about it, which make the Throne followers, the most resilient group among other franchise followers.

GoT’s appeal lies in its accurate understanding of the human mind. It provides a new level of political intelligence and battle formation ideas. From showing royal tantrums to taking the fans through the wilderness, from giving us a glimpse of various unknown tribes like the Dothrakis and the Wildlings to Dragons and White Walkers, GoT never fails to delight its fanbase with unthinkable consequences.
Game of Thrones started with a promise right from its first scene of Season 1 and continued to charm us till Season 7 but things went haywire after the Battle of Winterfell. From the greatest show on earth to joke of the millennium, GoT suddenly became astonishingly commercial. The selling point of this series was lost after Daenerys ruthlessly torched the whole city with her dragon. Fans are angry and started demanding for a remake for the entire season which itself sounds like a grand defeat for such a grand show. Daenerys became the most loathed character overnight.

Her actions reminded us of the barbarian race, which misused its power to dominate the weak. What went wrong? Creative saturation may be the reason behind the disaster of Season 8 Episode 5 – The Bells, however, fans of the series are still hopeful for the prequel, currently titled as ‘Bloodmoon’.

After a great disappointment, Game of Thrones finale is equally awaited as it will decide the true candidate for the Iron Throne.


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