Like thrillers? Here's a platform that you will love

One thing all movie lovers agree to is that suspense can make any film better if it is put across the right way. One genre that nails suspense and just amps up your movie viewing experience is ‘The Thriller Genre’. We love thrillers, don’t we? But we do not get to watch a lot of them, as the number of people who want to watch rom-com is comparatively more. But there are OTT platforms like ZEE5, who offers a great collection of thrillers. And this got us thinking; why not write a blog about it because you got to give credit, where credit is due.

Today we are looking at reasons why ZEE5 is far and away the best platform for thriller lovers. One reason why we are steering away from the other platforms is their limited local content which is one of the strong suits of ZEE5. Here are some of the other reasons why ZEE5 is ideal for thriller enthusiasts.

Variety of movies: Although many movie lovers like revisiting movies that are not the case with thrillers. Thriller is one genre where you need to give it some time before revisiting the movie again. Meanwhile, you can go search for some other good thriller movies. This is where ZEE5 outshines the other platforms. While I was floating around on the ZEE5, I saw a couple of movies that I have never known before, even some from the 70s and 90s. I even discovered a recently released movie called ‘Nirdosh’ which I found to be quite an interesting watch. So every time you get bored with your favourite thrillers, you can go watch some new one before you jump back to the same one again.

Language: When we say the regional content is ZEE5’s strong suit, we mean it. They have been sticking to their tagline ‘Apni Bhasha Mein Feel Hai’ and have been offering content primarily targeting the regional audience. So no matter which language you want to watch your thriller movies in, you will find it in ZEE5. And if you want a change from thrillers in your language, there are some amazing movies you can explore in other languages, and it also offers English subtitles.

Affordability: At the end of the day it all boils down to the money factor, no matter how much of a movie buff you are. This is another area where ZEE5 shines like a diamond. With plans starting as low as 49 rupees, enjoying thrillers is now incredibly light on your pocket. If you think about it, a weekend show of a newly released movie will cost you at least 250 rupees. By adding another 150 rupees, you can get their annual subscription for just 399 under the anniversary offer (It can be more affordable with cashback offers from PayTM. But you got to be quick about this one, as this is available only for a limited period.

These are some of the striking reasons why you should choose ZEE5. ZEE5 is just right, in that, it offers a never-ending collection of movies for half the price.

So, go check them out now!

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