Is Artificial Imagination the Future of Creativity?

What if you are able to create an entire movie from your thoughts? What if your monochromatic dreams become the most sought-after product in the future? What if you are able to paint masterpieces just by thinking about it? Artificial Imagination may sound more like a science fiction thing however scientists around the world are working towards achieving this that will eventually push Artificial Intelligence to the next level. Artificial Imagination or Machine Imagination is a proposed product, which claims to blur the lines between reality and the virtual. Your imaginative skills won’t lose its importance after the machine takes over the world.

People across the world are afraid of the dire consequences of Automation while the creators are also working on concepts that will make humans much more superior beings. AI will just act as a catalyst while your brain will do all the hard work of creating amusing things. An intelligent machine connected to you will transform the visual imageries into a near-real reality.

Nvidia Corporation, an American Technology company has developed an AI application known as GauGAN which can turn your doodles into photorealistic masterpieces. You can create amazing work of art in this Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) powered application. GAN is one of the hottest subjects in deep learning. GAN helps machines to learn things like humans. Sounds extremely technical but these experiments are surely making a positive impact in the scientific world. GAN’s main focus is to reduce human effort. From game developers to architects, urban planners, and landscape designers, GauGAN could be a powerful tool for all creative professionals of our era.

A strong machine that could help humans to create show-stopping results may need inputs from all sources such as computer science, linguistics, operations research, rhetoric, psychology, creative arts, philosophy, neuroscience, affective computing, Artificial Intelligence, cognitive science, creative writing, probability, and logic. Deepmind, a British artificial intelligence company owned by Alphabet Inc. is already teaching machines to know the consequences before taking any action, which is extremely a human skill and comes under imagination.

In the future, humans will be able to create their own virtual world and escape without actually travelling to far-flung places just by creating it through their imagination propelled by super-intelligent machines.  You can visit the Maldives from the comfort of your home, while you can meet people according to your choice just by imagining them. The super-intelligent AI will do all the hard work for you while you just have to imagine. It will transform the gaming world; the most dreaded coding skills will be redundant while you can create highly photo-realistic backgrounds and characters from your imagination. The future museums will showcase digitally imagined art.

Filmmakers can use their imagination for creating a rough storyboard for his cast and crew; an architect can use it to pitch its clients. There is so much room for everybody to do something with this technology in the future. Artificial Imagination is the future of creativity and unlike all notions of the machine taking over humanity; Artificial Imagination will re-create a more humane world for everybody.  


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