Will Digital Skin Equalize Humans In The Future?

2030, first Monday of the year, the colour of Noah's skin is light-brown today. Noah is British but he prefers to wear light-brown on Mondays. He loves to mix his skin colours often. He is undoubtedly the most stylish guy in his office because he can manipulate the colour of his skin according to the latest trends. Light-brown is an expensive hue to wear but Noah, being the master of color manipulation creates this shade with sheer panache. He mixes it so well that even the original light-brown people can't spot the difference.  Fair Skin is the least expensive colour and only people from the ghettos wear this skin tone.

What if Digital Skin becomes a reality in Future? What if people can wear different skin colours in future? What if the notion of beauty according to the colour of your skin becomes redundant? Sounds very much like a science fiction plot for now but Digital Skin will soon become a reality. You will be able to change the colour of your skin according to your mood. Maybe, you can change colours in real-time. You will literally turn red or green when you feel angry while you will sparkle like vampires when you are happy. The world will look so alien, so colourful. It will look more like Instagram stories in motion. Your skin will become customizable, and clothing will look so archaic.  The rich will upgrade brand new shades, while the poor will have to stay with regular shades.

The concept of conventional beauty will completely change and people who could creatively change skin colours according to the occasion will be seen as attractive and likable. Humans are now obsessed with fair skin, but times are changing for good. Dark skin is no more considered inferior like yesteryears as more and more diversity in terms of skin tone can be seen in the Netflix Originals. Netflix surely is creating more room for diverse artists, unlike the old school Hollywood where good looks and fair skin were the main criteria for getting into movies.

Even the modern day superheroes are not all perfect. They are flawed. Netflix’s new original, The Umbrella Academy showcases some of the most dysfunctional superheroes of our time. The whole idea of beauty is changing, from plus size models to next door Instagram influencers, even marketers are now collaborating with the real people.

Wearable Tech is coming up in a big way. Not only wearing a Digital Skin will be a reality in the future but you may also be able to download different faces and wear it every day. Sounds futuristic but that day is not far when the post-human aesthetics will reach newer heights. You can easily augment your appearance with brand new hues and likable faces just like you enhance it now with accessories and clothes. Tech giants like Apple, Samsung, and Google are eyeing your wrists and face. Clothing will simply become electronic according to Tech giants. Wearing different skin tone will be like putting on a temporary tattoo. It will simply become so convenient for all of us to hide our real faces and skin tones under these digitally engineered real-life filters.

E-skin is already a reality now where scientists are trying to add LED layers that could sit comfortably in your body and function like a screen. Wearable tech is already in pilot mode in few countries for transactions but the skeptics are still concerned about privacy. The whole idea of Digital Skin sounds cyberpunk-ish and futuristic for now but days are not far when your beauty won’t be judged from the color of your skin. The universal code of beauty and attraction will break barriers created by age-old fantasy made by some unknown superior beings. Digital Skin will equalize humans. It will bring harmony and scrub out the hoary supremacy.


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