Will Bikini Become Popular Among Indian Women This Summer?

Indian women love Bikini, but they hardly wear them in beaches. Unlike western countries, where flaunting a beach body once in a lifetime and getting a sweet tan is in every woman’s bucket list, Indian women seldom find it to be a priority. Bikini Phobia or the fear to get conspicuous among others is one of the reasons behind the lack of popularity of Bikini in India. Indian men still can’t stop gazing women wearing the two-piece however the mindset is slowly changing for good.

Unlike yesteryears, when only women in perfect shape wore Bikini, today it’s available for all the sizes. Plus size women too have many options to go there and flaunt that perfect summer look. Size doesn’t matter however the feeling of getting ogled always concerns women in India wearing beachwear.  From Sling Bikini to Trikini, High Neck Bikini to Skimpy bikini, Microkini to Skirtini, bikinis are now available in various styles and patterns. It’s a major fashion trend in western countries to get that sharp beach-friendly look, but here in India, it’s still at a very nascent stage. Frankly, only celebrities wear them in private beaches however most prefer to wear them in foreign beaches, but things are definitely changing for good. The curvaceous Indian women are dying to flaunt them in their honeymoons and post pictures on Instagram, and things are definitely happening.

Women in India are embracing it, and the millennials are absolutely doing it better than the older ones. The age of Bikini phobia is slowly getting over and flaunting that curves to die for is no more obstructed by societal norms and moral policing. It’s all about fashion and the desire to look attractive. It’s all about breaking free and accepting one’s body; it’s all about telling the world that hiding the assets is no more considered a mystery. Wearing a swimwear not only makes a woman feel comfortable amid sand and the sea; it also makes her feel more liberated and accepted. A perfectly crafted beach body shouldn’t be the reason not to wear a Bikini. Anyone with curves or no curves should feel comfortable wearing it because it’s all about accepting your imperfections and flaunting your look like a pro. Wearing a Bikini is also a form of expression.

Will Bikini make a splash among Indian women this summer? The answer is, it already made a big impact in the world of fashion and now the experimental period seems to be over, and girls are coming up with lots of innovations to match up with the Indian standards. There are various types of Bikinis available now that could easily echo Indian sensibilities. Indian women are no more shying away from wearing it, and this summer will be different as we could really see more women joining the league to flaunt their Bikini curves in Indian beaches. Open-mindedness surely holds the key to making a decision. The surroundings definitely matter, but it’s always great to display your imperfections with utter grace especially when you have one life to live and nothing to regret.

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