Why is ‘Bandersnatch’ Annoyingly Great?

Bandersnatch is a creative masterpiece that will make you lose your sanity with its mind-bending plot twists and interactive technology.

The art of storytelling is changing and Bandersnatch is all about creating a unique never-seen-before ‘event’ (not a movie) that gives its viewer the control to change the plot, subplots, passwords, music, food and of course the endings. Movie viewing will never be the same after Netflix released its recent hyper-experimental interactive or ‘choose your own adventure’ movie.

Black Mirror, known for highlighting the horrors of technology is a big hit among contemporary science fiction fans. Unlike its previous seasons, which were mainly episodes, Netflix launched a movie instead, to satiate its ever-expanding quirky fan base.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch introduces a new way to experience a movie. It has multiple endings and the film just feel like a maze of plots and subplots leading us to various scenes with many alternate versions. Bandersnatch gives you the chance to interact with its characters and in return, the protagonist reciprocates diligently. After watching Bandersnatch, you are destined to question your own sanity.

Bandersnatch is a creative masterpiece of our times and undoubtedly one of the most talked about experiments in modern cinema viewing. Unlike a usual movie that tells a linear story, directed with a fixed plot and fixed ending, Bandersnatch delves deeper and gives you the power to select scenes, go back to another timeline, move into some parallel universe and do all sorts of things that you would desire. You are totally in charge of this movie, made to shock its audience with some baffling moments.

Bandersnatch never ends; it will take you for a ride of your lifetime. Sometimes it feels magical to watch stuff controlled by you. From the power of choosing the breakfast for its protagonist to choosing your favorite album, Bandersnatch will make you fully immersed into its universe.

What if ‘The Bandersnatch Experience’ becomes a reality in movie theatres? What if your mind can control the scenes in the movie and everyone gets to watch whatever their mind desires? What if customized movie viewing becomes a reality? Netflix’s latest attempt to get into such space which previously only existed in video games and children books is a big leap, which will consequently open up many other dimensions in the filmmaking space. 

Bandersnatch being the first (especially in the feature film) genre, it will surely go down in the history books as one of the bravest attempts to change movie viewing altogether. Bandersnatch is currently streaming on Netflix and creating major room for discussions worldwide. It’s generating huge buzz among the netizens and presently ruling the world of memes.



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  1. I love Black Mirror and this sounds amazing. Next level.