Netflix’s Post-Apocalyptic Film ‘Bird Box’ Is Terrific

Sandra Bullock as Malorie adds her magical charm to Netflix’s latest post-apocalyptic sci-fi film Bird Box. Gripping, inventive and a film with one of the most beautiful endings deserve to be seen by every science-fiction fan. The film plays with metaphors and creates suspense with panache.

Bird Box is getting mixed reviews from critics and fans worldwide; it’s also been compared to A Quiet Place (2018 Post-Apocalyptic Horror film) but Bird Box is based on a novel first published on March 27, 2014, hence the term rip-off doesn’t apply. What if A Quiet Place is an imitation of Bird Box (novel)? The debate continues but Netflix’s latest Original Film Bird Box directed by Susanne Bier delves deeper into an unexplored world of fears.

Sandra Bullock’s cold-heartedness throughout the film is apt in a situation like this. She brilliantly portrays the role of a mother trapped in a realm where you can’t see anything outside. You are dead if you are not blindfolded. Metaphors play a major role in this film. Bird Box is inventive because it deals with an invisible enemy. It’s neither zombie apocalypse movie nor an Alien invasion film, Bird Box deals with a greater demon and the enemy is inside you.

Bird Box also qualifies to be a psychological thriller because it explores the greatest human fears – loneliness and death. Bird Box is not everybody’s film. It’s entertaining still most people won’t get the subtle meanings mostly shown as paintings, sketches, and nameplates. Bird Box has non-linear storytelling. It keeps juggling between the present and the past. This new sci-fi film is terrifying and surely a must watch.  


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