The Netflix Lifestyle - The Greatest Pop Culture Trend Of Our Time

Life is too short to live in a constantly polluted reality; it's about getting transported to a world where you have the controls. The advent of Netflix gives us a space to hang out, laugh, chill and finally release more dopamine - the excitement hormone like never before. Binge watching is moksha, for the millennials. Imagine a life, where you get to see characters that you can relate to. Imagine a world that you want to live. Imagine a story that you want to tell your grandchildren and finally, you have all the diversity floating around your eyes. Netflix provides you with an outlet to explore those stories that always revolved around your dreams. The popularity of this video streaming app is rising every day because of its original content that was never shown to us. From extraordinary tales of lust, greed, and narcissism to contemporary science fiction, from award-winning classics to shorts, Netflix is providing us enough option to stay at home and chill.

Binge watching may be regarded as an addiction but there's no other way you can escape to a hyper-realistic setting. As mentioned earlier, you constantly release dopamine during the whole process. For loners, it's the ultimate utopia. Netflix will soon release interactive shows that will put you in charge of a story. You will get what you want. The upcoming season of 'Black Mirror' will provide us with a new way to watch stuff. What makes Netflix so addictive when we have so many other video streaming apps? This is the question which most people ask themselves before subscribing to this slightly expensive service. The answer is Content. Netflix's algorithm is better than other streaming app and it knows your taste in movies and series better than yourself. Netflix is also investing a lot in making Originals that will mainly cater to its audience. You will find more Science Fiction shows on Netflix because its users are mostly geeks, nerds, curious and classy types.

If you want to watch some intriguing movies and series this winter, here’s a list for you:

A crime drama which will blow your mind.

Finally, India got its own version of Narcos.

Watch this movie for the climax.

Black Mirror

One of the best contemporary Sci-fi anthologies of our times.

Stranger Things

Exciting and engaging supernatural drama series which will make you fall in love with the characters.

Lost in Space

Another thrilling space opera.

Altered Carbon

A cyberpunk gem.

An Indian miniseries that looks and feel like a western horror thriller.

Train to Busan

The greatest zombie movie of all-time.

The Cloverfield Paradox

Parallel world theory explained amicably.


It explores life in hell like never before.

Don't Watch This: Antoni Psycho

Narcissism at its best.

The Walking Dead

The classic Zombie Series.


The most underrated sci-fi of our times.

Diversity explained affably in a dystopian world.

22 July

A shocking tale of mass shooting and terrorism.

The Invitation

A movie with an occult twist.


Extraordinarily simple and engaging Scottish thriller.

The movies and series mentioned here will transport you to a different realm and you will come out as much more informed, entertained and refined individual. The perfect Netflix experience is what we all crave for now and there’s no other passage that can provide us so much awesomeness from the comfort of your home in a perfectly brewed winter season. 


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