Netflix's new film 'Cam' is horrifyingly Black Mirror-ish and Cyberpunk-ish

Things look brutally dark and neon-ish in this movie. If you are a Black Mirror fan, you will just love this movie for its stimulating plot. Cam tells a horrifying tale of identity theft which can be devastating for someone who eat, breathe and sleeps Internet. The protagonist in this movie is a cam model whose desire to make it big in the virtual world takes a major turn when her identity gets stolen. She could no longer access the portal but her cam shows continue. Her lookalike takes over.

Netflix’s Cam is a cyberpunk masterpiece because of its original concept and incredible execution. The film brutally dissects the horrors of technology which can make everyone vulnerable. 
Masochism, Narcissism, and Hedonism are the central themes of this contemporary science fiction horror film. Netflix’s Cam is a psychological thriller that will keep you electrified throughout.

The dark alleys of the online world still very limited to the greater audience are explored well. The show is a bold prediction of our future crisis. Things shown in this movie is already happening with us in some form or the other but the greater world is still unknown about the dangers and sufferings associated with such virtual crunch.  Cam explores the psychological trauma of the protagonist when her doppelganger starts enjoying the fame built by her over the years. This movie can be a bit creepy at times but mostly entertains you.

Skintight direction by Daniel Goldhaber on a story moderately based on the writer Isa Mazzei's real-life acted brilliantly by Madeline Brewer makes Netflix's Cam one of the exquisite modern-day mental thriller of our time.


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