Will Artificial Intelligence Conquer All Humanity?

We are living in interesting times when humanity is taking a big leap in technology. Technology and science are mingling peacefully with art and literature and we are the most advanced generation of all-time because we are the pioneers and the early adopters of technology like the Internet, Augmented Reality, 3D Printing. This is the age of superhuman intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is no more a buzzword; we are using AI in our daily lives. From chat suggestions on LinkedIn to recommended movies in Netflix, from clicking on ads according to your browsing history to seeing Facebook posts according to your interest, AI is slowly integrated into your lives. Critics are already worried about the AI invasion but they were also worried about telephones before its invention. Artificial Intelligence taking away jobs is the biggest concern, however, scientists still think it won't kill jobs rather it will create more jobs. Artificial Intelligence is getting more powerful with each passing day as Scientists are coming out with more efficient algorithms to match human intellect. This is just the beginning of AI blitzkrieg.

Artificial Intelligence is writing movie scripts, it’s trying to mimic the human brain, it’s trying to drive cars, and it’s trying to do everything that needs human intervention. The problem will arise when they will become smarter than Human Brain. Scientists are still struggling to understand the highly complex brain network however it would be interesting when Humans will develop a machine with consciousness. There are many science fiction books and movies already made that showcase the evils of AI but what if Human life becomes more stable and advanced after the AI take over completely. There are talks about Universal Basic Income that claims to give Salary without any work. After the AI takeover, Humans will have enough time to spend more time exploring their passion like Fishing, Writing etc. however an empty mind can be a devil’s garage hence humans may also become vulnerable to crimes. There are pros and cons of Universal Basic Income.

Everyone is talking about AI these days. It’s the first phase definitely but with time it will develop exponentially. It will spread; it will consume us all slowly but surely. Evil AI is already been created by MIT scientists. It was fed with criminal data. Evil AI is created to actually highlight the fact that machines aren’t harmful; it’s the creator that can make it lethal. Presently, AIs doesn’t have common sense hence it can only mimic what us humans feed them. Artificial Intelligence will create a better world however it depends upon the creators and their intentions. Human beings still hold the key.

In the future, humans have to merge with AI in order to live in harmony. Humans will be super intelligent beings and they will have access to information about anything and everything. There will be less privacy but there will be switched off button which can make you discreet for personal time.

The world is advancing rapidly technologically. The free Internet will add more power to humans by spreading useful information, however, there will be misuse hence it’s always important to control the content before it falls into the wrong hands. Fake news is another example of technology misuse. Internet giants are now trying to curb its spread by verifying the sources and a good AI is doing all the hard work to detect and demolish misinformation and harmful rumors. Humanity is progressing, it’s making advances to add comfort to normal lives but with all these advances, we are also developing an addiction. An addiction which is forcing us to move away from reality. An addiction which is making us hungry for more knowledge, more power, more luxury, more competition, more envy and in the end we are overwhelmed and confused. Are we really living in interesting times? I bet, yes!


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