'Breaking Bad' is becoming exceptionally popular in India, Thanks to Netflix!

The greatest TV series on the planet, streaming now on Netflix and there is so much excitement among bingers especially in India. Breaking Bad is not just an awe-inspiring TV series, which set a new benchmark for TV producers and actors; it's an experience that you will cherish throughout your lifetime. If you have not seen this amazing series, you are probably missing something in your life. Undeniably the best crime drama, Breaking Bad is one of the most successful shows in the history of American Television and now Indian audiences are equally lucky to binge all the episodes on Netflix.

What makes Breaking Bad the greatest TV Series of all-time?

Created by Vince Gilligan, this TV series successfully teleports you the world of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). This blockbuster TV series keeps you engaged, excited and thrilled throughout. You see a continuous character development which eventually establishes a connection between you and all the characters. Breaking Bad will stay in your head throughout the binging journey and will make you feel for characters after it ends.

What makes Breaking Bad so popular in India?

Indian audiences are easily bored from regular series, they need instant gratification. Anything that lingers on without consequence annoys them. Breaking Bad's plot is entertaining, full of intelligent twist and turns, engaging hence it attracts the intelligent crowd. Indian Netflix audiences most reside in urban areas hence they could easily make a connection with the story.

Why is Breaking Bad a classic?

Breaking Bad is no Narcos, it's no Godfather, yet it will excite you. You will eventually fall into a love-hate relationship with its characters. From Hank to Gustavo, from Skyler White to Mike, from Saul Goodman to Todd, from Badger to Skinny Pete, from Tuco Salamanca to Tortuga, all the characters in this mammoth TV series will stay in your mind. You will be completely soaked in the Meth world of Walter White and his intelligence will bedazzle you. This series changed many lives; all the actors in this series became legends. All the episodes of Breaking Bad are equally entertaining, however, the last three episodes 'Ozymandias', 'Granite State' and 'Felina' will completely blow your mind. After the series ends, you will feel the void however you can start binging over 'Better Call Saul', a prequel of Breaking Bad, which will make you feel better after the incredible rollercoaster. Do let me know your views about Breaking Bad in the comment section. Till then, no more half-measures.

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