Dream Recording - What If Recording Dream Becomes a Reality?

Dream Recording Reality

Dreams are intriguing, some dreams exude horror, some dreams take you to outer spaces and few of them make you confused as hell. Are we inside a dream or a real reality? Dreams that are often indistinguishable, dreams look almost real. What if you are actually inside a dream while reading this piece? What if you are under the influence of something or someone so gravely that you lose your mind and begin hallucinating every time? What if your life is nothing but an extended dream? Dreams come from various influences, conscious and subconscious.

You learn from your dreams, you know your real enemies and friends from your dreams, you interact with alien life, you fall from a cliff, you fly, you meet your crush and exchange numbers in your reveries. Dreams are more intriguing than a modern day sci-fi movie, you see surreal phenomenon occurring in your life. You are transported to a different timeline, you see dead people and finally, you are unable to differentiate between reality and the world of dreams. What are real dreams? Things, which you actually feel. You constantly want it to be fake but you are unable to come out from the snare created in your mind in your dreams.

You struggle to come out of it so desperately but you keep going deep inside it. Lately, I had a dream where the set-up was real, everything started with a known location, I met someone whom I know then I walked towards the lift but the lift had no '12th  Floor' but in reality, my apartment does have 14 floors. The lift also had mirrors but in reality, there were no mirrors. Before walking into the lift, I felt the drizzle and the wind blowing.  It felt nice especially; rain is a pleasant change in an almost dry and hot season. After getting inside the lift, I was looking for the 12th-floor button but unfortunately, I couldn't find so I have to press 4th floor. Till then, everything was fine. I was taken to a floor where there was only one apartment where I could see few people. I entered their house without knocking and asked them where am I? They politely ignored me. I then moved away silently and saw few carpenters working, I asked them, where am I? I told them, I am lost. I ask them which Society is this.

They thought I am drugged and under the influence of some serious intoxication. I found myself in danger but slowly reality began to pull me. I told them, I will be disappearing now as I am getting a signal from reality and BOOM, I am out of it. I was sleeping in my bed but wait; I am still in a different location. Although I came back to my bed, the bed was floating. I am again trapped inside some other timeline and after a lot of struggle; I was finally teleported to reality.

I woke up with a smile on my face because I got fodder for a new write-up. Dreams tell you many stories; they are actual experiences that you should try to record. They are more fascinating than a Netflix series. They are actual stories trapped inside your mind that you want to experience. I was actually teleported to a parallel universe where everything was same but the elements were bit different. Although the carpenters working in the same place still they hardly knew the name of the Society.

From threat simulation to avid learning experiences, dreams provide you an outlet to analyze and upgrade your lifestyle. It also takes you to places you often read and wish for.  Scientists around the world are actually working to invent a device that could actually record your dreams from your movement and speech because you forget 90% of your dreams. What if someone invents a device to record your dreams? It can be both interesting and scary because your privacy will be at stake however you can learn new things about your life and review things that need to be fixed. If dream recording becomes a reality, advertisers may hack your dreams and show you ads according to your taste. You will be pestered even in your dreams. Although dream recording may look fascinating it can be highly intrusive. Hacking dreams will be the highest form of technological marvel hence it’s always advisable to look into the pros and cons of every new invention before taking a plunge into the unknown.


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