Is Simulated Reality the Ultimate Doorway to Immortality?

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What if we are already living in a computer simulation? What if we are controlled by some ultra-sophisticated technology? What if we are creating simulated realities within the overall simulation? What if even the powerful people on this earth are just a part of the whole simulation? What if there is no history of Earth? What if we are just virtual bodies hanging around in this virtual place and our main bodies or consciousness are just stored somewhere in the cloud? What if our whole existence is nothing but a lie?

If we take clues from Science Fiction books, that day is no far when we can easily upload our consciousness into the clouds that will eventually make us immortal. We will just pass over from one body to another and we can explore any timeline from our past. We can go back to our old days and mingle with people whose mind is also uploaded. We will stay happily in some heavenly construct just like San Junipero, one of the most Utopian Black Mirror Episode that tells about the pros of taking up Digital Immortality through computer simulation where technology happens to break the barrier between reality and the virtual. From Surrogates to The Matrix, from Ready Player One to Hang the DJ (Black Mirror Episode), we are already having enough Sci-fis on simulation; however, we still consider it to be a herculean task. Even Elon Musk believes in simulation hence we are no mad people discussing a theory that looks so fictional.


Afterlife is one of the most debated topics worldwide among futurists and scientists however if we can build the ultimate supercomputer, we may actually be able to preserve the consciousness of the entire humanity. Of course, the rich who can afford to upload their consciousness will never die; they can have the best time of their lives in some fancy set-up. There are some successes in uploading mind, there are even startups that claim to preserve your digital consciousness and create a personalized avatar from your social media feeds and blogs, and however, we are still at the nascent stage. Digital Immortality is still just another buzzword from the world of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

We are at the very beginning of a Digital Revolution which is so powerful that it can easily achieve things that can be hardly considered sane or possible at this moment hence we should always be open to ideas. 3D Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is already breaking the barrier between the real and the not so real, however, we still can make a difference however with the advent of Simulated Reality or Real Reality, it would be difficult for us to distinguish between the real and the virtual. We will actually able to touch, feel, enjoy, and do all the things we do in reality. Technology is evolving exponentially hence in near future we may be able to achieve this elusive Afterlife experience where our bodies won’t be stored in pods rather our consciousness will be uploaded in the cloud.


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  1. Thanks and I think you have also made some edits on Wikipedia think you for that that’s where I found your link I’m just waking up to finding myself that I’m basically Truman and it’s very trippy I figured that God aliens or very smart computers were in charge of the simulations but I’ve actually narrowed it down to God and I think a lot of the philosophers and Modern day thinkers are ignoring the possibility that God may operate the simulations when it’s quite obvious that the problem that the scientists suppose that there isn’t enough computational resources to have a simulation of the cosmos

  2. ... that God would have enough resources to be in charge of an unlimited number of simulations I am also a little bit worried that simulations of our cosmos can be copied just like a computer program again and that we may find ourselves waking up into different simulations that is very confusing for me to comprehend and I would prefer that there was really only one simulation but possibly with multiple overlays which I think other people and yourself have been talking about. for me its going all the way from the matrix right back to the Bible oddly enough with heaven being another simulation and I’m thinking Jesus was definitely in an overlay simulation.

  3. ... also there are nitwits out there on Wikipedia talking about Truman delusions and reality TV delusions but they are nothing but psychiatrists who stand to lose their very income if they believe such experiences are anything but psychological problems. psychiatrists would be unemployed if they believed psychiatric illnesses were a result of people adjusting to such simulations.