What Makes ‘Black Museum’ So Dark and Controversial?


Black Mirror is one of the best shows on Netflix streaming right now. All the episodes tell you a different story hence you can easily binge-watch them in a random order and each episode has something unique to offer. The series features some of the finest science fiction short stories and it isn’t for the faint-hearted. From black humor to transhumanism, from cyberpunk to robot fiction, from space opera to nanopunk, from apocalyptic science fiction to retro-futurism, Black Mirror has them all.

Black Mirror not only showcases the evils associated with scientific progress but also indicates the cons of excessive technology penetrating slowly in our everyday lives. All shows are extremely scientific, philosophical and mind-twisting. If you are a sci-fi connoisseur, Black Mirror is your Bible.

Black Museum is the last episode of the Black Mirror Season 4, which has 3 short stories and all the stories are narrated by the proprietor of The Black Museum - Rolo Haynes (Douglas Hodge) to Nish (Letitia Wright). The museum houses genuine criminological artifacts. All the artifacts have a story but Rolo Haynes especially discusses three stories that literally blew my mind. 

The first story is about a sadistic doctor who became a pain addict after going through a technological upgrade where he can feel the pain of his patients without facing any physical consequences. The experimental technological upgrade which was implanted on him made him the most sought-after physician overnight because he could feel the pain of the patients and diagnose the problem appropriately but every new tech has its cons. This story mainly focuses on pain addiction and trans-humanism.

The second story is extremely heart touching. Mind uploading will soon become a reality but this story tackles this concept in a unique way. You will surely feel for the dead mother whose mind gets uploaded in a toy monkey and how she reacts after seeing her child but neglected and thrown away by someone after few mishaps.

The third story, however, is one of my favorites that tell you a unique heart-wrenching tale of a dead black convict whose digital body was tortured every day by sadistic white visitors in the Black Museum. The episode ends with a mind-blowing twist. All the three stories of Black Museum are connected, which is revealed at the end. Black Museum is full of contemporary metaphors that will make you think about the cons of ultra-modern medical tech which are currently being experimented on people in some covert locations or maybe openly. Black Museum will keep you engaged throughout. Science Fiction as a genre is gaining tremendous momentum and thanks to Netflix for producing such premium content which can’t be found on other platforms.  


Image Courtesy: Netflix

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