The Future of Blogging in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Last year, I wrote about the much-dreaded Digital Dark Age where today's formats getting obsolete. Regular upgradation may lead to the disappearance of formats we are using now. Blogging is a part of our generation particularly the blogs which are written manually by humans but what if the formats we are using now become outdated and we lose access to all the blogs written now. People started blogging with words but now it can be done with pictures and videos (Instagram and Youtube).

Blogging is regularly transforming but I have a huge concern regarding the written word blogging which is somewhat getting lost among the much visual Video blogs and Pictures. But, it's not the case, there is a tremendous rise in the readers as people love to read especially during the office hours and watch videos at their free time. The trend is good for all types of bloggers but what if technology completely takes blogging to a new level. Virtual Reality can be the biggest threat to blogs in future.
The content you produce today in the form of words can completely get lost in the ocean surrounded by modern-day Artificial Intelligence systems like Amazon Echo and Siri.

What if desktops completely disappear and virtual screens take its place? Don't you think, people will stop reading your blogs? The answer is NO. People will still read your blogs may be on a different device.

What if robots start writing blogs? In the near future, it can be done. Robots with a strong algorithm in place can produce better content than humans but the technology will take some time. The future will bring many opportunities for people who want to express but what about people who can only write and do nothing else? Will they be able to compete with the ever-changing technological ecosystem? People predicted that people will stop reading newspapers, magazines and books due to the rise of digital content but there was a rise in the readership in Print media with the passage of time, which proves the popularity of blogs won't get reduced in near future rather it will be augmented by AI devices.

There is a constant rise in the blogging sphere. Blogs are becoming extremely important now also included in every marketing plan. Unlike yesteryears, blogging is no more a free time activity; it provides the most relevant content for search engine and social media giants. Both visual and written blogging is thriving and it will definitely take the biggest leap in the AI dominated environment. The future of blogging is extremely bright still bloggers should never miss a chance to try out other stuff.

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