Is Lost in Space Better than Stranger Things and Altered Carbon?

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After Stranger Things and Altered Carbon, Lost in Space now streaming on Netflix takes the Sci-Fi fantasy genre to the alien outer space. Rocket Science, Space Robots, Alien technology, Chariots, Jupiters, Resolute, a technologically advanced but dysfunctional Robinson family and a joker-like manipulative villain Dr.Smith are some of the main highlights of the recently released Netflix Series. Lost in Space is all about family bonding and hard science.

The season starts with crash landing with a bit slow beginning but Lost in Space Season 1 takes momentum after first few episodes. Lost in Space is not an easy watch for amateur sci-fi fans as the series is purely based on hard science. From Astronomy to Exobiology, the series explores almost all fields of hard science. It’s all about intergalactic travel, space colonization, unknown worlds, space suits, robots and alien technology. Although Netflix’s Lost in Space an utterly ambitious project still it fails to engage viewers like Stranger Things or Altered Carbon with a few suspense scenes. The cinematography is brilliantly done but the human characters seemed flat except Dr. Smith (Parker Posey) and Major Don West (Ignacio Serricchio). Don West adds humor and wit to this utterly grim space drama.

The Robinson Family members were kind but hardly interesting. Lost in Space is a new age sci-fi fantasy that succeeds to create conflict between characters and most of the conflicts began after Dr.Smith’s entry.  Stranger Things had parallel worlds; Altered Carbon was having all the cyberpunk elements like future cities, flying cars, stacks, sleeves, AI hotels, Clones and Immortality etc. while Lost in Space radiantly explores the Outer Space genre. You can binge-watch all three but Altered Carbon being a Dystopian Science Fiction is more appealing to adults while Stranger Things and Lost in Space can be a weekend family event.

I couldn’t binge watch Lost in Space at one go while it seemed extremely easy for Stranger Things and Altered Carbon. Lost in Space although had all the elements to engage viewers but it was bit slow. It could have been little shorter, however, Season 2 looks promising as it will be taking place in a completely Alien Galaxy. The best thing about Lost in Space is its Space Robot who hardly speaks but his actions can make you feel for the Robot. His relationship with Will (Maxwell Jenkins) was one of the best things in the entire series. Diversity in the selection of characters is another strong point. It felt nice to see an Indian family leading the ResoluteThe Dhars (Bengali Surname). Lost in Space is not better than Stranger Things or Altered Carbon but it can and should be binge-watched if you are a typical Science Fiction fan like me.


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  1. Right now The Expanse is better than Stranger Things, watch that.