Forget Déjà Vu, Déjà Rêvé is the 'thing' that will blow your mind


The human mind is the cockpit of endless possibilities. The human mind is the greatest weapon that has the power to alter reality into a hyper magical construct. Deja vu, as we all know is one of the most baffling phenomena that occurs almost to everyone but still scientist across the world are struggling to find out the real reason behind this already seen like feeling.

Deja vu, which means already seen or experienced kind of stuff in French while Deja reve means already dreamed. There are conspiracy theories like the existence of parallel universe behind the cause of Deja vu, it occurs when the two universes meet for a fraction of second, it cause Deja vu while Deja reve is like precognitive dreaming, where you see stuff in reality after you dream about it. You are able to experience the exact things in future from the stuff of your dreams. It’s an eerie thing but Deja reve is all about experiencing things from your dreams from past in reality. Deja reve is like a realization of dream sequences taking place in your real life timeline.

Sometimes when you meet a person for the very first time but you feel like, you have met or seen the person before. That’s deja reve occurring in some corner of your mind. Maybe in your dreams, you have seen this person. Deja reve can happen exactly the next day, maybe after months and sometimes after years. It’s a mind-blowing phenomenon which when happens to send shrills throughout your veins.

Deja reve can be the reason behind the concept of meeting your soul mate. What if, you walk into a bar, and suddenly everyone starts recognizing you although you very new to the place. Collective Deja reve can be an interesting thing where everyone experiences this thing together at the same point in time. So, everyone recognizes your face from their erstwhile dreams. What if, you feel like home in a completely foreign land? What if you know all the questions just before the exam? The real cause of Deja reve is still not proved. It can again be a thing of the parallel/alternate universe that functions simultaneously in a completely different timeline. Next time, when you feel this elusive thing, just remember you are not alone.

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