‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Review: Another Joke from Marvel Cinematic Universe


Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for snarky jokes between fights, multi-colored superheroes, less intense and absolutely light cinematic moments, unlike DC Cinematic Universe. Marvel is undoubtedly more popular because they are the master of ‘more is more’ philosophy. Avengers Infinity War had uncountable superheroes and the directors (Anthony Russo and Joe Russo) did a great job in giving equal screen time still the movie was nothing more than an organized mess. 

Marvel in their earlier films always suffered from weak villains but Thanos is invincible here. He was indestructible with so many superhuman, super-alien powers in his kitty and adding those infinity stones just make him the most powerful super villain of all-times. Undoubtedly, the movie was epic in terms of surprise. Every superhero almost had their moments of showcasing their skills but the film should have ended well. Wakanda shines again and the fight scene in Wakanda was definitely the main highlight of the movie. Avenger: Infinity War is an overrated comic book movie because you walk out of the theatre dispirited. The movie was just building upon its next sequel hence it has one of the most bizarre endings of all-time. The end credit scene was again a repetitive alien attack on New York Street stuff which we have seen in thousands of Science-fiction movies earlier.

Hulk is completely wasted in this movie. He is having problems; he was the only superhero who had least to offer in this movie. Black Panther, Thor, Spiderman are the soul of this blockbuster comic book film. Dr. Strange fought well as his superpowers were only relevant for defeating Thanos still this super villain killed rather turn most of the superheroes into ashes towards the end of the movie with the snap of a finger.  

The movie was narrated from Thanos viewpoint and how he thinks overpopulation is diluting the quality of life which actually is a valid point hence he wanted to kill half of the population to start afresh however his philosophy won’t hold much water as he is ruthless, coldhearted murderer yet he felt for his stepdaughter Gamora. The soft side of this monstrous supervillain has been showcased appropriately. There was the pain in his eyes when he sacrificed his daughter for one of the infinity stones.

Marvel Cinematic Universe make movies to entertain its audience(especially the younger ones) with humor and larger than life fight scenes and surprising entries of superheroes but this movie failed to satisfy audience ’s expectation and it’s definitely not worth the wait. Infinity War was loud, chaotic and almost similar superhero movie without any heart. It’s a full-time entertainer. Even a non-marvel fan can easily understand this movie which is definitely a plus but Marvel fans expected much more than this. Infinity War except the Wakanda fight scene is just a piece of another joke from the house of Marvel Cinematic Universe because it neither had the suspense and thrill of Nolan’s Batman movies nor had the grandiosity of Wonder Woman. Avengers: Infinity War is a good superhero movie but surely not the biggest comic book movies of all-time. You can still watch the movie for few laughs and few heroic moments but I bet you will feel betrayed at the end.


Image Credit: Marvel Cinematic Universe 

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  1. I loved the movie and can't wait for the sequel.