YesMobo Review - A Whatsapp Marketing Platform Everyone is Talking About

Whatsapp became an indispensable part of a smartphone user’s life within a very short time. It’s the most engaging podium among all social media channels hence we can’t ignore the power and efficacy of this product. From sharing personal messages, GIFs, videos, contacts, and locations to networking with people, from college group chats to chatting with that special someone, this app is playing a huge role in bringing people together.

With 1.5 billion monthly active users, Whatsapp is confirmed as the most popular messaging app worldwide hence it became one of the most significant channels for marketers to reach its target audience.  Still, it’s in a very nascent stage as most of the marketers still can’t decode the right mantra to generate leads from campaigns as this platform needs a great deal of creativity, unlike other platforms. 

Whatsapp is a personal messaging app hence you need to be extra cautious before sending a message that should add value to the receiver. Sending promotional messages regularly to friends will look spammy. In order to use the platform in a right way to promote a product or service, we need a professional partner like that masters the art of promoting your product and services to the right audience through Whatsapp. is No 1 Whatsapp Marketing platform in India. Anyone can sign up for advertiser account at and run Whatsapp marketing campaigns. On the other hand, YesMobo app users can make money by sharing the advertiser’s ads on Whatsapp with their friends and relatives. 

For more details on how YesMobo works please visit this link and watch both the Videos (Video for App Users & Video for Advertisers) - Watch Videos Here. is newly launched platform and best alternative to Facebook, Linkedin for advertisers. Here advertisers can get their website/app/offers in front of Millions of Whatsapp users in India. With over 200 Million Whatsapp Users in India and 98% Message open rate makes Whatsapp the most engaging marketing channel on the planet. 

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