Why Is Urban Loneliness Creating A New Generation Of Missing Millennials?

“I need friends” – as Flash (Ezra Miller) in the recently released Justice League tells Batman (Ben Affleck) while giving his consent in joining the League. Even superheroes are lonely in the modern age hence we can’t ignore the growing emptiness amid the people living in this urban jungle. Life is so fast in the metropolis that we are left alone amid the urban tide. We crave for love but we get materialistic bliss as return gifts. Urban Loneliness is killing thousands of people every day silently. This is the age of mental loneliness where you want to socialize online but when it comes to the real thing, you keep yourself away. You prefer to stay in your self-made comfortable cocoon. You love to gaze at your timeline, you spend your weekends in front of your laptops and phones - binge-watching, feeling creatively overloaded but the emptiness lingers around.

The urban lifestyle is so addictive that you involuntarily get into its trap and you are in the Oasis mingling with people virtually. You are no more connected with the real world; the virtual life is slowly taking over your life. Not only our generation but the dust is spread across all the generation on the modern planet. The technology has become so immersive that we just love to stay in this Oasis. Just like Steven Spielberg’s next big release Ready Player One that talks about the Oasis which is the only place left for the millennials to go and to a surprise it’s completely virtual.

The reality becomes so obnoxious because of excessive industrialization hence they have no other place to go. The missing millennials find solace in the imaginary world and it’s no science fiction though, it’s already happening. This is probably the first phase of Global Isolation where everybody is wired still very lonely at heart. From New York to New Delhi, everyone is affected by the modern day crisis called the Digital Seduction.

The Girlfriend Experience – A TV Series that shows us the ruthless and cold realities of human loneliness where the protagonist has to take up adult jobs to satiate her desires and her clients too find a girlfriend-like experience at a huge cost but nobody complains because it actually turns them on. Modernity is moving towards a very cold-hearted reality that won’t be easy for many. Aliens won’t invade us, climate change may be a distant reality, it’s loneliness that will bring an end to humanity. It may sound very strong now but urban loneliness is the biggest problem among people staying at their ivory towers. A lifestyle that looks very attractive from outside but the hollowness inside is often discussed. In future, happiness will be the most expensive thing.

Her – (2013 American romantic science-fiction drama Film) tells a story of a lonely man who develops a relationship with an operating system incarnated through a female voice. In Creative Control (2015 Science Fiction Film) - The protagonist uses a pair of virtual-reality glasses to have a relationship with a hologram of his friend's girlfriend. These movies brilliantly showcase the dystopian future that exudes an unending urban loneliness.

But we can easily reverse the apocalypse by interacting. We should try to talk to someone in person daily to get rid of this unseen enemy. We can do that at work, at home, at a club, anywhere but we should at least try to get outside our comfort zone and step into the reality that we are missing every day for instant gratifying things online. The Digital Seduction can be avoided by mingling with like-minded people in the traditional way. We hardly feel like going out on the weekends because we have so many things to do online but avoiding the online activities for few hours can easily make ourselves immune from the deadly urban loneliness. It’s very easy to make connections in the virtual world but it’s very tough to talk to a person in real life. It’s time to break the ice and throw away the blanket of introversion and embrace nature in its true form.

  This article got featured here: The Assam Tribune

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