Top Things Men Want Every Woman To Know

Happiness is the single greatest achievement in the world. It’s above everything. It’s the ultimate point and it’s very difficult to achieve especially if you are a thinking man. The world talks about success, the world talks about recognition, the world glorifies the strong, and the world is all about achievement which is actually a manmade vague word created by the society at large.

You are a loser if you are still struggling to make a name, you are a misfit if you can’t fulfill the over expectation bestowed upon you. You crave for higher things in life, better gadgets, better homes, better everything but everything boils down to one thing – The Happiness you achieve after completing the bucket list of dreams. You think you are different but when you see better people around you, you feel like another average man living and trying to achieve his dreams.

You write, you hit the gym, you drive the most luxurious car, you stay in the best house, you try to complete yourself by doing things that a society wants you to have in order to make you the most desired person but in reality, in your lonely corner you drop those tears in your Mini Cooper. Without happiness, your achievements are just futile. You may be the most talked about celebrity in the tinsel town but if you have no one to share a bed in the night; you are all alone at the top. Happiness is the best thing a man can achieve during his lifetime.

Every year you cross a hurdle and buy a new Apple phone, every year you work hard to get a TAG Heuer, every year you try to make your life better by doing all the things that keep you moving. All the non-living things in the world give you temporary happiness but still, you crave to achieve the ultimate joy but you fail to achieve. Everyone tells you what to do but no one understands what your heart wants and if you follow your heart you go bankrupt or you are termed insane because a happy man is a myth. Nobody cares about a man’s want as the world is running to please the girls and I am no exception. During all these the desires of a man, takes a back seat and as a man, we are born to work, work, work and eventually die. We have desires too, but when we express those desires, the society shuts down all the outlets directly and indirectly. In general, nobody wants to see a happy man. A happy man is promiscuous, a happy man is fake, a happy man is a flirt, and a happy man is a lusty creature who prowls in the dark to catch its prey every time.

Man does have feelings too but the world is so competitive that you have to fall thousand times to achieve one success. You have to go through so much for attaining true happiness. If you do something that looks criminally insane still you enjoy doing, you are termed as mad. If you don’t follow the conventions of being perfect all the time, you are termed as feeble-minded. In the industrial world, a man is supposed to have all the qualities that our forefathers have left as a legacy. A little diversion from the straight road will make you highly deplorable. You have no rights to express your desires because if you do that, you will be judged.

Like women, men too need love and affection, like women, men also need sex, like women, men also need to feel special but these things will make a man highly expressive and people will start judging him hence he would try to maintain a double standard thus they portray a fake mask to the world and when the mask breaks, he becomes the most loathed criminal in the world. Nobody will give a damn to your feelings, he will be discarded by the society, he will be criticized, he will be dumped by everyone, he will no more walk like a king rather he will have to hide his face behind the cold shadow. It’s not easy for a man to attain happiness and nobody talks about. Everybody nowadays talks about female rights, feminism, but nobody talks about the shit a man goes through.

Men are no aliens; they need everything that women deserve. We talk about equality but when the girls have all the option in the world a boy has to go through many zones to finally get into the love zone that may or may not get converted into lovemaking zone. When will the world of men be understood?  Most men are still screaming silently at night as they know their question will never be answered. They are all alone, they need women, and it’s the only fact. Happiness comes from no money, happiness comes from no achievement, happiness can’t be achieved if you solo travel just to hide the fact that you don’t have anyone to accompany you. The world of men is a bit lonely without the presence of women, hence it’s a request to all the beautiful women out there, try to understand men instead of distancing yourself and judging them.  It’s time to bridge the gap between men and women to create a better world. Let’s make it productive next year. Thank you! #FeelForManToo

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  1. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Brilliant article. This describes me perfectly: I'm a single, professional man in my late 30s. I have a great career, an expensive car (2 actually), and a huge lonely house. I have all the material shit I could ever want, but I can't find happiness to save my life. And no one cares.