‘The Girlfriend Experience’ Is an Accurate Portrayal of Urban Loneliness and Confined Desires

Sleek cityscape, penthouses, empty spaces, sex, greed, power, money, politics and the cravings to satiate the deepest and the darkest fantasies of mankind is the theme of this new-age TV series. The Girlfriend Experience is so dark that few initial moments will shock you. The Girlfriend Experience Season 1 is one of the fascinating series I have seen lately. Christine Reade (Riley Keough) the protagonist who takes up an internship at Kirkland & Allen, one of the top Law Firms but she couldn’t afford the expenses hence she decides to become a high-end escort by night.

With the help of her friend Avery (Kate Lyn Sheil), she ends up becoming one of the most sought-after escorts however things take an ugly turn when something goes horribly wrong in her business. Without spoiling anything, I would like to discuss the loneliness aspect of this highly successful TV series, which is now available on Amazon Prime.

The Girlfriend Experience – The name suggests that protagonist here is dedicated to giving her clients a true girlfriend like experience and she does an exceptional job in giving them the best time of their lives. The TV series tries to decipher the world that’s mostly invisible during daytime. People in suits, highly successful and powerful people are shown in this drama series who would pay any amount to get the perfect Girlfriend Experience. Most of her clients don’t have time hence they prefer to get professional escort service to vent out their sexual fantasies.

Urban Loneliness is the most dreaded disease spreading like wildfire in developed countries. Amid the noise, a void is created and to fill up the emptiness, people pay for things that couldn’t be bought literally – a moment of temporary happiness with a beautiful woman who will do everything to get rid of the emptiness surrounding your world. Not only her clients are lonely, the protagonist is also a loner who is shown to be a highly sexual person. Both the desires of men and women are accurately shown hence it’s strictly for adults especially in a country like India.

The Girlfriend Experience is one of the most forward-thinking and Stylish TV Series of our times. It will show you a world where everything looks perfect, so cold and so direct. In reality, there’s no love, it’s a world of lust for sure.  Loneliness is something which is prevalent in the highest class of our society. They have everything yet they have nothing but this is the lifestyle they prefer. It turns them on. The Girlfriend Experience is the perfect reflection of the modern society where your every need will be taken care of if you have a fat wallet. This TV Series is extremely bold in terms of approach. It takes out the confined truths with feline ease.  

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  1. This is a great review, Pallav. I really want to watch this series now. The last two I watched were 13 Reasons Why and The Client List, and this one just seems like the perfect follow-up to the chain. Thanks for reviewing. :)