Cashify Review – How I Sold My Old Smartphone In Cashify Within 60 Seconds?

Selling old stuff was actually a headache in the past. The moment you upload your Smartphone or laptop in OFX and Quitter (name changed); you get too many inquiries but no actual lead. The same happened to me when I tried to sell my old smartphone which was lying unused for months. I was excited to chat with few people who had shown interest in buying my stuff but they were bargaining and asking all sorts of questions. I wasted two days in OFX and Quitter (name changed)  but found not a single customer who was willing to pay the asked amount for the gadget. After 2 days of chat, I somehow managed to get a customer with whom I shared my number. He promised to collect the smartphone from me the next day but when I called him up; his phone was not reachable for the whole day.

I completely lost hope and deleted both the apps from my phone. It was really frustrating experience and I would never recommend OFX (name changed) for selling your gadget. The quotes I received from these portals made me laugh. Selling online was seriously a herculean task earlier. After such a bad experience, I completely lost trust in all the ads they show and all the good things people tell about these marketplaces. You have to invest so much time and effort to sell a working gadget. OFX and Quitter (name changed) are no more effective now at least in my case. The trust factor and professionalism is missing in these portals although they are trying hard to give you the best customer experience. You seriously can’t share your number with a random person. You have no idea about the person you are selling your product too.

After failing to sell my stuff in the most popular online marketplace, I started my search online to find other sources and that’s when I stumbled into Cashify. I was little bit apprehensive at the beginning especially after going through such a bad experience in the past still I decided to call them up instead. The customer care executive at Cashify patiently listened to me and asked few questions regarding the features of my gadget and gave me an instant price for my gadget which was decent enough. They promised to send a person to my residence the very next day for the pickup.  As promised, the Cashify person came to my house and inspected the product and offered me the said amount with a valid online invoice and I sold my gadget at the best possible price. This was my experience with Cashify. It was completely a hassle-free experience. Selling your old phones and laptops is no more a herculean task now. You no more have to chat with random people or bargain. Cashify offers you the best possible rate for your old gadget. They are completely consumer-centric hence you can easily rely on them. They have a very active customer care support hence you can easily clear all your doubts over the phone.

After my pleasant Cashify experience, I told my friends at work about the whole experience. They will also try Cashify in future to sell their stuff because selling in other portals is just a waste of time. Cashify took a great initiative of buying old gadgets online because most people usually keep them unused in their wardrobes which eventually become redundant. I am a happy customer and I would recommend Cashify to all my friends. It’s completely a genuine, ethical and professional site that offers the best price for your gadget. You get the money instantly and believe me, it feels nice. Hence I could easily say #CleanUpCashOut works!

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