The Invisible Smoke

The year 2070, most of the cityscapes are already crowded. There is a population overdose due to illegal clones. The streets have no room for land vehicles. The hyper loops, the Uber pods and other means of commute are already facing a major threat from the illegal immigrants, which are mostly criminal clones. People living in the major cities are wearing masks to survive but there's very little life left for the aboriginal humans. The average age of humans already reduced to 30 and the fertility rate tremendously reduced to zero. There is emptiness, an extreme coldness as humanity is on the edge of extinction.

Ryan, a 25-year-old humanoid known for his ultra-humanitarian approach looked out his window to check the weather and it was all filled with the killing haze, which is slowly descending from the sky and killing people. The humanoids are least affected as their body is susceptible to extreme weather conditions however the humans are at the greatest risk. Ryan is the most sensitive and only human like entity left in the almost apocalyptic neighbourhood, the humans wanted him to find a way to send the descending haze back from Earth so that they can live longer and healthier. Ryan is the final hope for the last breed of humans.

Ryan and his group of humanoids started working on the project to eradicate the descending haze by shutting down manufacturing hubs near the city. All the urban commute in the city was paused for few days. Everything in the city came to a halt but nothing changed and the smoke started descending fast. Only the homes were considered safe because the toxic smoke couldn’t intrude into closed spaces.  The hope to survive the deadly smoke became next to impossible. Going outside is no more possible as the air became extremely toxic.

After few days the smoke descended fully and the whole city was clouded with the alien fog. But to a surprise the people started feeling less suffocated and started mingling with the clouds. People came out from their homes and the smokes became a part of their existence however people who stayed indoors because of the fear of the visible smoke started experiencing health hazards. The air inside, which was considered pure, was actually creating breathing troubles. People could see the mist outside but the cloud within was actually the reason behind the crisis.

These smokes, unlike the alien clouds, were invisible. In the quest to protect the dying human race from the external fog, people have shut down the ventilation which created a suffocating invisible pollution. The lack of ventilation inside the houses for many years created a much greater enemy inside. The gases released from the kitchen, furniture were stuffed inside their residence. The chemical, biological and physical contamination of indoor air was actually the cause of people suffering. We can see the descending outer smoke but the fog inside our houses are ignored. In future,  indoor pollution will be a greater threat hence it’s time to get rid of this enemy to lead a healthy life. Smoke from kitchen;  radon, solvents, carbon monoxide from the basement; dust, mites, pet hairs from bedroom; asbestos, dust from attic; carpeting, furniture chemicals, tobacco smoke from living area; and mildew, cleaning chemicals from bathrooms and less ventilation due to the fear was actually the cause of so much chaos.

People neglected the invisible smoke for the visible haze. Before it’s too late, the time has come to clear the air inside and the problem can be solved by painting the walls with Royale Atmos - an Air Purifying Wall Paints by Asian Paints. This revolutionary product from Asian paints can reduce harmful air pollutants and make the air cleaner. Apart from making your interiors look good, the painting on the walls can also absorb foul smells and make the air fresher and healthier.  It’s time to look within before we clean up the mess outside.  

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