Bikini Yoga - Why Is Bikini So Cathartic During Yoga?

I found the term Bikini Yoga quite fascinating as there is a fresh and interesting element attached to this new form of Yoga. Bikini, usually mainstream beachwear not only allows women to flaunt their connection with nature but also acts as a metaphor for free expression. Bikini is comfortable but most women hesitate to wear it because of their physical insecurities but to shed all the inhibitions one should start wearing them forgetting all the man-made conventional notions of a beach body. Wearing a swimsuit and performing Yoga can be an interesting concept especially if you want to calm the restlessness inside your body. Wearing a swimsuit allows you to understand your body as you are exposed to nature physically. You also know which part of your body needs that much-needed shape revamps hence Bikini acts as the ultimate bridge between the reality and your inner world.

In modern times, Yoga Gurus are finding newer ways to teach this immensely powerful contemporary workout. For, example Sadie Nardini is known for her globe-trotting punk-rebellion type of Yoga, Dana Trixie Flynn is famous for the Lotus Style YogaAcroYoga combines Acrobatics and YogaJust Ferd teaches a unique athletic-styled Yoga, and now there is Bikini Yoga, which is surely the ice-breaker. Yoga is attracting people from all around the globe, so there is a completely dedicated Wanderlust Festival for yogis and mental peace seekers. Yoga is also getting much more creative than before. From impressive Zen meets break-dance postures to Beach-based postures, from Surreal Yoga to Beer Yoga, the new world is coming up with innovative ways to become shape worthy for beachwear.

Now coming back to Bikini Yoga, for that you probably don't need a beach. You can practice Yoga positions from the comforts of your home, however, doing it on the beach is a bonus for sure. To open up and flaunt your inner bliss, you need to mingle with nature in the purest form hence a Bikini can be the best costume to exercise and flaunt your love for your body amid all the hustle and bustle of an urban lifestyle. Bikini Yoga allows you to escape. 

Image Credit: elephantjournal

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