Why Are Hashtags, Memes, Live Streaming & Blogging More Important Now Than Ever Before?

Digital is the future of everything.

From Instagram stories to live streaming on Facebook, from microblogging to binge-watching, modern life is all about engagement. You need constant motivation to thrive, you need a regular dose of humor to de-stress, you need information at your fingertips, and you need to stay in touch with your friends. With the rise of Internet, our generation which includes both younger and older lot will be known for starting the digital revolution. This is the GOLDEN age of Digitalisation hence we cannot ignore the importance of every minute thing like memes, hashtags, and selfies that define our culture.

From celebrities to world leaders, everybody is using social media channels to connect. Hence, there is no looking back for the Digital pioneers like Facebook and YouTube to create mind blowing tools for our generation. If we look at the current trends, hashtags and memes are getting popular especially on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Digital storytelling is the next big advertising tool that will generate unprecedented ROI for any business.

We simply cannot ignore the impact of Google and Facebook in our lives. Unlike yesteryears, people are consuming news and information on a daily basis and most of the action is generally taking place online. The Digital editions of almost all newspapers and magazine are slowly spreading their presence. In order to survive the rat race, you can't stay back with your traditional values, you have to stay updated otherwise you will sound dated and hackneyed. In order to succeed in your marketing efforts, you have to know the mechanics of Hashtags, Memes, Infographics, Blogs, Apps and Visual Content.

Hashtags Makes Your Content Look Upmarket And Sassy

Hashtags can easily amplify your reach, can promote your brand and take it to the next level without spending much advertising revenue. In order to succeed, you have to monitor the current trends and keywords that your audiences are using and searching. Hashtags are very popular on Twitter and Instagram where users mostly use them to make their content heard and seen by a larger targeted audience hence a brand that uses appropriate hashtags while promoting its product can get better results. Using Hashtags creatively and responsibly is the key to a successful marketing campaign. If you are promoting an event or short term campaign, you have to create short, unique, interesting and relatable hashtags. The secret to viral hashtags is its relatable feature. Most people retweet or use hashtags that they feel goes well with their tweets and pictures. Hence, if you are planning to start a campaign, you have to know your audience, product, and location. You cannot just use a trending hashtag to promote your link. This activity will make you look like a spammer and it will have a negative impact on your brand. Hashtags not only make your message searchable but also make your message much clearer.  People are also using hashtags on blog titles and emails to get more hits however it is always advisable to use hashtags sensibly. A spammer can get a huge number of followers with black hat tactics but these followers are of no use if your content was unable to reach the right kind of audience. Hashtags are also used because they look trendy.  It makes your content look upmarket.  Hashtags are surely becoming a rage among the millennials. You can check out the hottest hashtags here: Webstagram  

The Invasion of Memes

Memes are getting viral because they are funny, witty, relatable and sharable. It can be consumed easily by the audience as they convey the message faster than another form of content. Memes use text and visuals to convey the message hence you get the best of both worlds. You can create your own Memes here: Meme Generator

Memes are most used by brands to promote their brands indirectly and in a humorous way. Memes generate lots of engagement hence it’s better for your Facebook Page. As a marketer, you can never overlook the importance of Memes.

Live Streaming is the New Broadcasting

Live Streaming is now available to everyone. Thanks to Facebook. From covering a product launch to flaunting your wanderlust, live streaming is surely the next big thing. In the age of instant gratification, people prefer live videos over edited films. It is more fun to see the reality without the old fashioned edits. Marketers can use this tool to promote their brands. The users can use this tool to share their experience.

Meet the Mother-ship of Digital Marketing - Blogging

Blogging is the most effective marketing tool for online marketers because people like reading informative content. They will always be hungry for knowledge and fun. Blogging is considered to be the most effective tool to promote a product through long form informative texts. Blogs written by niche experts will be more effective than traditional brand ambassadors in future because people want the see the real picture and blogs offer you a transparent platform to connect with the author to get honest problem-solving answers and Google loves fresh content. Blogs can easily send more traffic to your website which will eventually amplify your brand value.

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  1. upasna sethi3:25 AM

    Couldn't agree more- Digital marketing is a Life skill for Bloggers.

  2. Absolutely, bloggers are actually turning into entrepreneurs with these skills.