How to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro like A Pro?

Most people have a secret bucket list of dreams and aspirations, however, most of these things never become a reality because of procrastination, lack of guidance or unavoidable circumstances. People spend their whole life thinking about them and finally, they have nothing interesting to tell their grandchildren while some people create memories and conquer every summit like a pro. They show us things that we aspire. What if we can also conquer the highest mountain in Africa, which is also known as the roof of Africa in our lifetime? What if we also get a chance to feel that unforgettable feeling of standing above the clouds? What if we can climb Mount Kilimanjaro like a professional? The very idea of visiting the tallest freestanding mountain on Earth can give us a sense of accomplishment. It can easily fuel our wanderlust to make that lifetime decision to experience the unadulterated magic of nature.

Mount Kilimanjaro is surely an unexplored destination and slowly becoming a hotspot for adventurous travellers however it’s always important to know the place before you pack your bags for the great African sojourn.  You can visit this place anytime during the year except for the period between October – December, which is not recommended due to unstable weather conditions. July- October is the best time to climb Kilimanjaro.

5 Tips to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro Successfully

Preparation: It’s always a good idea to train yourself before you actually start hiking. It’s advisable to do some strength and resistance drill before you start your expedition. Dealing with high altitude and low oxygen can be a problem hence proper fitness training can make you ready for the mountains. Hiking for 5-9 days can be a strenuous process; hence you should train your body accordingly. Few workouts such as Interval Training, Breathing Workouts, and Yoga can be of great help because these exercises will prepare your body to deal with extreme weather conditions. You should be both physically and mentally prepared before you decide to experience this lifetime trek. Hiking in Kilimanjaro can be life changing experience.

Research: There are various routes to reach the summit hence you should know the advantages and disadvantages and the cost involved in choosing the best itinerary. You should always select the track that suits your needs. You should know about the direction thoroughly before you start climbing. Most people find it difficult to handle the natural conditions hence it’s always advisable to carry medicines to avoid hassles. Doing a full body check-up before you start is recommended.

Packing: You should always keep your luggage light. It’s sensible to take below 15kgs of luggage in order to avoid unnecessary stress. There will be porters there to carry your belongings however you should try reducing your baggage for making your trip seamless and free from burden. Your baggage should include your gear, accommodation, food, water and clothes within 15 kgs. If you want to climb the highest mountain in Africa like a pro, you have to invest in the right kind of trekking boots and equipment.

Clothing: You can wear same clothes for days it won’t smell however avoid wearing cotton as it takes time dry at high altitudes. Buying instead of renting a complete hiking outfit is recommended in order to avoid unwanted blisters. Taking a shower may not be possible during the trek hence be prepared for wet wipe baths. In order to protect yourself from the brutality of sunlight that will cause dehydration and skin damage, you should always apply factor 50 sunblock during the expedition. You should also carry your sun hat for further protection.

Camping: It is so much fun especially when you are in such an ambitious mission to conquer the tallest mountain in Africa however always opt for hot meals instead of lunch boxes while booking your package. The journey is more important hence you should keep capturing the scenic magnificence and interesting moments throughout the walk in order to preserve the experience of a lifetime. Most hikers face some kind of mountain sickness hence you should never forget to take medicines. One of the most frequently used words by the local guide is ‘POLE POLE’ which means ‘Slowly Slowly’. This is the key phrase one should remember to beat the uphill task of climbing Kilimanjaro.

Climbing to the roof of Africa can be enjoyable however you need proper groundwork and reliable guide for making your adventurous dream a reality. Kilimanjaro Trekking is one of the most preferred activities for anyone who loves to discover adventure. From finding the best route to understanding the best season, from booking to making all the arrangement for your travel, you need to have the right guide. You can’t miss out any detail if you want to make it to the top.
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