'Justice League' V 'Thor Ragnarok' - Will DC Destroy Marvel Once and for all?

This is the golden age of comic book superheroes but people won't tolerate multi-coloured characters anymore. Unlike the Marvel Movies, DC makes movies that can be discussed and pondered upon for a very long time. Marvel movies believe in giving instant gratification while movies under DC banner are darker and full of substance. Actually, the DC Extended Universe makes movies for adults while the colourful Marvel Universe is easily forgettable.

Lately, the trailers of Justice League and Thor Ragnarok were showcased in San Diego Comic-Con. Both the trailers created equal buzz on the Internet but Justice League's preview was far better than Thor trailer that looked colourful yet lacked the punch to be the greatest super hero movie of all time. Moreover, each scene of JL gave us a reason to watch the movie to discover more about the Beacon of Hope. Justice League's trailer was crafted perfectly to tease its viewers while Thor's trailer looked fluffy. 


After the success of Wonder Woman, the underrated DC Extended Universe is gearing up for the year’s biggest campaign and this time they are surely making no mistakes. In the recent JL Trailer, Wonder Woman was the main highlight which is absolutely striking because they tried to exploit the success of Wonder Woman, which is still breaking Box Office records everywhere. 

JL’s trailer is much more philosophical and deep. There was an element of suspense in JL’s trailer, which Thor Ragnarok missed. The well-kept secret of Superman joining the league wasn’t revealed. The comic book movies are becoming the newest trend and its tremendous success at the box office proves the passion of its makers to surprise its fandom with mind-blowing characters.  Hela (Cate Blanchett) is the only selling point in the whole trailer while Thor and Hulk looked mundane while all the characters in the Justice League were amazing.  

With the exit of Zack Snyder (One of the finest directors of superhero movies like Watchmen, Man of Steel and Batman V Superman) for personal tragedy, Joss Whedon is surely fine tuning Justice League to deliver the best DC movie of the decade. Comic book super fans are waiting eagerly to witness the battle between the superheroes and para demons and this time it will shatter all records that will eventually destroy the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  The world no more needs multi-colored superheroes, they need something dark and substantial that can intrigue and baffle us.  


Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures & Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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