All Praises Are Fake; With 'Dunkirk', Christopher Nolan Hits A New Low

Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk is getting positive reviews worldwide but the truth is the movie lacks punch, unlike his past movies. Don't go to the theaters with a great expectation as this movie doesn’t have much to offer. People calling it modern day masterpiece, however, I found nothing substantial and mind-blowing. Christopher Nolan, the man who made films like Inception, Batman Trilogy and Interstellar surely seems to be lost while directing a boring tale like Dunkirk.

The plot is so flat that you will croak of boredom and wait for that breakout moment that you experience in a typical Nolan movie. Where is the enemy? There are no major villains or enemies in this World War II epic drama. If Dunkirk is a story of survival, it's completely hackneyed. Home seems to be so near the war zone, may be a few minutes away that makes the survival story look so unchallenging. A good swimmer may have crossed it with ease.

 I went to watch this movie with a great expectation as I read many good things about but all reviews seem to be fake as I couldn't find anything worthwhile throughout the entire drama. Dunkirk's characters are not well developed and Tom Hardy's talent is completely wasted. Only one prodigious moment in the entire movie that too before the closing credits won't make Dunkirk the greatest war movie in 20 years. Dunkirk may win Oscars but it won't blow your senses like Inception and Interstellar. Nolan's Dunkirk can't be matched with Kubrick's perfection for sure. I was completely heartbroken and disappointed. There was no standing ovation or any applauses, people were plainly bored and scratching their head. Dunkirk is surely qualified as overrated. Rotten Tomatoes ratings can't be treated as the benchmark and I am sure many would agree with my views. 

Dunkirk won’t intrigue you neither it will send chills throughout your spines, it won’t satisfy you, you won’t come out of the theater as a changed person, Dunkirk’s story is the greatest problem and this is the only truth.

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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