Why Are Haters Still In Shock After Wonder Woman's Massive Success?

I defended Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, I tried to sound logical about the dream sequences and comic book accuracy of BvS, I tried to tell how beautifully Zack Snyder introduced its characters but everything seemed futile in front of the delusional critics and haters who found an enormous amount of sadistic satisfaction by roasting BvS. Nothing about BvS was actually appreciated despite its massive star cast and brilliant storytelling. Last year, it was so dark in DC's horizon that fans of DC hesitated to express their love openly for the ultimate superheroes like Batman and Superman, the moment they mention about that, the thrashing begins. The world of DC Extended Universe was constantly fighting the outer demons, but nothing actually worked as DC Haters continued to show their disgust throughout the year.

After BvS, they slammed Suicide Squad. The insecurity was constantly making the DC Universe feeble but there was always that hope and finally, the jinx is broken with the release of Wonder Woman – the greatest superhero movie so far. WW, one of the most popular comic book icons finally gets her solo movie, directed efficiently by Patty Jenkins, took off so easily and broke so many stereotypes that people who loved to hate DC Comics and Movies silently started appreciating the movie.

The praise coming from Rotten Tomatoes changed the whole scenario and haters had nothing left to criticize. Few tried to compare this movie with Logan but failed because WW is far better than all the superhero movies combined together. WW's massive success was a beautiful surprise for its fans and production house as everyone expected WW to do well at the Box Office because of her legacy and powers but there was anxiety about the critical reviews, which mostly went against the DC movies. Now that, WW is breaking records every day, DC haters suddenly feeling the existential crisis. They are either talking about the Infinity War or discussing Spiderman that looks more like a kid's film to me. The MCU surely has its fan base (mostly kids) but they have chances to survive the battle against the DC Extended Universe only if they stop making multi-coloured fluffy movies. The campaign started by Wonder Woman won’t stop, as the gigantic success of WW has conveniently laid the foundation for Justice League, which has the potential to completely destroy the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The audience is getting smarter and matured hence they won't tolerate any airport battles that looked more like a neighborhood fight between kids rather than a battle between superheroes.The success of Wonder Woman testifies the psychology of humans to appreciate good cinema. The age of fuzz is getting over. Nobody expected WW to do so well except its fans. They waited impatiently with a heavy heart to prove their point without having anything to defend. 

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  1. I really loved this movie. Wonder Woman was one of the best superhero movies I have watched. And Gal Gadot was simply outstanding.