Why Wonder Woman Is No Misunderstood Masterpiece Like Batman V Superman?

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is surely the biggest bet for the DC Extended Universe. Last year we saw Batman V Superman getting badly slammed by the critics for not living up to the expectation and Suicide Squad also failed to leave a mark. The DC Universe was constantly battling with many demons, both from within and outside. The critics and the haters were hammering every DC fan’s expectation and logical explanations while the Marvels were rising and conquering the comic book universe like never before. Martha became the greatest joke while everyone who praised Batman V Superman was termed delusional. The DC fandom was slowly diminishing but there was always a ray of hope for the revival. There were constant discussions taking place about the survival of DC Universe.

Many predicted DC couldn’t survive the wrath of Critics and eventually shut down its business but the destiny had a different story altogether. Wonder Woman who possesses the strength equivalent to that of Superman gets her first solo movie this year. Both young and old fans were excited about her movie but the cloud of insecurity which was building over the DC fandom was nothing less than the announcement of an impending war. A war for survival, a battle to prove and battle for reclaiming the lost honor. Finally, just like any big DC fan, I booked my seat to watch Wonder Woman. I had a great expectation from this movie because of her legacy, ideology, and popularity in the comic book planet. I wanted the mainstream audience to know about Wonder Woman who is not just a feminist icon but also the greatest superhero of all times. The itch to watch this movie was killing me from inside and I was unable to wait. After getting my tickets booked online, I drove to the nearest theater with a baggage of insecurity and a wee bit of hope.

The movie theater was jam-packed, which proved the popularity of Wonder Woman in India. Still, the movie was yet to start, the excitement was building up throughout the hall and finally, it starts. Wonder Woman, unlike other superhero movies, had a heart as many critics wrote after its first private screening and truly the movie is exceptionally executed. There’s no room for boredom throughout the film and all the major characters played their part with panache. It was a visual treat. The visual effects were stunning and there was humor which was missing in the previous DC movies. The origin story was told with futuristic visuals that will transport you to a completely different world. If you are comic book fan, you will surely not feel betrayed by the exceptional storytelling and characterization of Wonder Woman. The movie was so perfectly made that completely grabs your attention and you can hear no murmurs and whispers throughout the end. As every great thing come to an end, Wonder Woman ends in a promising premise.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is undoubtedly the best decision taken by DC Films and Warner Bros. Pictures as her charm was no less than the Lasso of Truth. From Chris Pine as Steve Trevor to Robin Wright as General Antiope, from Danny Huston as Erich Ludendorff to David Thewlis as Ares, From Elena Anaya as Doctor Poison to Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta, all the characters were just magnificent. The background music was the soul of the movie and it surely added that much-needed punch to some of the most brilliantly shot action scenes in this movie. There are many knockout moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The true strength of Wonder Woman lies in her honesty and innocence which was portrayed appropriately.  This movie will not only break all the stereotypes associated with female superheroes but also create a higher benchmark for all the upcoming superhero flicks. The wind is blowing in the right direction now and I would just like to say that this is just the tip of the gigantic iceberg for all the DC haters. 

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