Is Modern Day Vampirism The Ultimate Key To Immortality?

Immortality, humanity's ultimate greed to live forever seems to be Silicon Valley’s newest obsession. The ability to achieve this would not only change the complete human lifestyle but it will also create many unknown problems that could pose a major threat to our planet. Imagine the world full of immortals, would you wake up every morning with a challenge to do something worthwhile as you will be having no deadlines to achieve. There will be no pressure to settle down as there will be enough time to explore. Immortality will also provide human beings to make interstellar travel a reality. No cryogenic sleep is required for reaching the furthermost planet. Sounds extremely good though but we are still very far away from the reality. In order to translate these theories into living realism, scientists from all over the world are running many covert operations. Already many tech giants are investing heavily in the immortality projects. From Digital Immortality to Mind Uploading machines, many interesting types of research and projects have already started.

Lately, Ambrosia LLC – California-based company backed by Billionaire Peter Thiel and founded by Jesse Karmazin claims that the transfusion of young blood plasma taken from teenagers into older people above 35 is capable of showing many age-reversing symptoms. Although the company doesn’t claim anything about immortality, but the whole idea of reversing age through young blood transfusion looks like a vampiric experiment to make immortality a real thing. Ethicists and Researchers are extremely critical about the whole claim as they are not satisfied with the science behind the whole idea however according to Ambrosia, young blood plasma transfusion can reduce Alzheimer’s symptoms and reverse various other symptoms associated with aging.

The tall claims made by Ambrosia are based on Parabiosis studies, which showed positive results in rejuvenating aging mice. It also started its clinical trials on humans and around 600 people above 35 have received plasma from a donor under age 25 at a whopping cost of $8000. According to Jesse Karmazin, the tests passed ethical review and are open to everyone above 35 however its Pay-to-Participate model has been highly criticized. The price tag associated with this ambitious project makes only the rich accessible to these trials.

We are living in interesting times but the exponential advancement of technology can be scary. We are yet to decipher the real intention behind such projects but we are hopeful about the benefits without thinking much about the disadvantages. In order to translate the very idea into a reality that many science fiction books and superhero movies have already tackled, we have to certainly wait for a while however that time looks no far when these concepts will look so very achievable.  

Image Credit: Newsweek

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