Is Quantum Dreaming The Ultimate Secret To Time Travel?

“Last night, I saw an intriguing dream of travelling back to my recent past. It was around 2004-2006 and the location was Delhi. I saw flyovers that were incomplete and bus stops that looked very different. In my dream sequence, I had the chance to visit an old market; the time period will be around the 1980s when Credit Cards were not so popular in India. After purchasing something from a regular shop, I offered to pay it through my Credit Card, which was not valid obviously at that time hence I tried to educate the seller about the credit card system as an alternate currency but he denied believing me which forced me to show my credit cards where the current date was mentioned.

Upon seeing this, the seller took me seriously and I was honored by many merchants from the locality for showing them the road to the future. When they asked me, why I came here - I said I came here to audit the past and teach them about future technologies which will help them to stay ahead of their peers in the future. Everybody was overjoyed and I was given a hero's treatment. I actually time travelled for the first time and that was undeniably a great experience.”

This dream was surely an after effect. I saw Edge of Tomorrow just before this dream where Tom Cruise (Major William "Bill" Cage) goes in a Time Loop. He goes back again and again to the previous day after he dies every time fighting with the aliens and the Time Loop actually gives him a possibility to decode the ultimate weakness of his enemies.

Dreams are very important in your life because through them you can see and feel such interesting things. I am practicing to construct my dream sequences voluntarily and involuntarily since my childhood and this time travelling dream surely is my best dream to date. You may take this as pure gibberish but dreams can solve many real-life problems if you try to explore its magic.

What if you had the ability to EDIT your past? What if you can go back to your past and change things to get a different future completely? Time travelling is such an interesting concept that people can’t stop talking about this and dreams can easily act as a Time Machine for you.  The ability to travel beyond the realm of time to access secret information is also known as Quantum Dreaming. Using dreams as your covert laboratory can be a fascinating thing to do. From travelling to your dream destination to experiencing a hyper-virtual reality, from physical healing to improving your creativity, you can achieve many unknown things through Quantum Dreaming.

Many theories like Wormhole Travel, Black Hole Hypothesis, Cosmic Strings, Tipler Cylinder and Cryogenic Sleep are largely related to time travel but Quantum Dreaming is the best method to experience time travel in an almost real world. Although dreaming is a virtual process and it’s not linked with your physical state till you never feel like you are actually dreaming if you have the ability to manipulate your dream sequences. According to Robert Moss, bestselling author, and dream spiritualist, Quantum Dreaming is the new Yoga that can help us to explore the future to enhance our present life.

You can easily enhance your psychic abilities by following the Active Dreaming technique, which can eventually give you superhuman powers.  What if you are living in a constant dream state and your dreams are actually the reality? There are various theories associated with dreams but it’s always advisable to not stress your brain so much that it loses sanity.  The baffling world of dreams has always fascinated me, however, I am still trying to decipher every nuance to improve my control over my dreams and hallucinations. Dreams have the answer to the greatest puzzles hence we can’t overlook its importance in our daily lives.

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