'House of Cards' Season 5, Episode 1 Review - Homecoming of Terror

We are certainly living in an age of fear. We are regularly fighting with our inner demons and confronting outer challenges and House of Cards Season 5 exploits the terror card to baffle your senses with sharp acting and shrewd metaphors.

After manipulating his ways to the White House, Frank Underwood stands upright and delivers a powerful speech in the House of Representatives. This is undoubtedly the most manipulative season in The House of Cards series, where various new supporting characters will be seen playing their role with feline ease. Season 5, Episode 1 is symbolic enough to blow your mind with various metaphors and closed door conversations. The subtle hints, the monologues and the politics of fear shown in HOC are worth the time. HOC Season 5, Episode 1 brings the momentum back.
The funeral scene when Claire tries to hide her fake tears is the breakout moment that not only highlights the hypocrisy of modern leaders but also shows how cold that could be. Every move taken by the Underwoods is motivated to augment their power and dominance. HOC Season 5 will be ground-breaking because of the current situation which is not only troubling the United States but also creating chaos around the world. Power, Politics, Relationships, Desire and War on Terrorism seems to be the highlights of this season but it's always advisable to understand the deepest voice hidden somewhere in the woods to decipher the highly acclaimed House Of Cards. 

House of Cards Series is a well thought out dramatic wonder for a modern day audience, who craves to look beyond the known world and House Of Cards is that platform where we can not only peek into the lives of our modern leaders but also interact with them, although it's one sided and it's always Frank Underwood who keeps talking to its audience through his monologues. The best thing about Power is your position which allows you to track everyone's movement without revealing yours and the usage of rifle scope in one its scenes testifies this. HOC Season 5 shows harmony between Frank and Claire, which is definitely a good sign, however, there's still room for some major twist as we are hinted at many such things in the first episode of season 5. There are many interesting scenes that will give you very refined indication of fear politics in this season. Without spoiling anything, I would like the audience to watch HOC and I am sure it won't disappoint you.

Directed by David Fincher based on the novel by Michael Dobbs, House of Cards is the best series for every intellectually motivated individual.

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