Wonder Woman - Rise of the Warrior Trailer Is Faster Than The Bullet

Wonder Woman - One of the most anticipated movies of the decade drops its final trailer at MTV Movie & TV Awards and it was just epic. The trailer without spoiling anything gives the audience a glimpse of modern cinema, which is not only gorgeous but equally fast. The background music and the visual effects were so amazing that it would make its haters sulk every time they see this.

Wonder Woman is the greatest bet for DC and Warner Bros before Justice League which is releasing by this year end. Wonder Woman is a lesser known superhero compared to Batman and Superman, but with the WW solo movie, she will surely become a household phenomenon. It was a pleasant surprise for all the DC fans to get its final trailer just before the release which was least expected. Everyone is waiting impatiently for this movie to hit the theaters. This will be the first women-centric superhero movie that will not only break various stereotypes but also give its fans the most beautiful gift of all time. This movie will set a new benchmark for all the upcoming comic book movies.


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  1. I can't wait until June 1st!!!! 😀😀😀🙅💥💫