Will Wonder Woman Break All The Stereotypes Associated With a Female Superhero?

Wonder Woman, one of the most popular DC characters will get its first solo movie and DC fans can't wait. Already fans are coming up with various theories like the introduction of super villain Ares and Doctor Poison in the movie to challenge demigoddess Wonder Woman. The world will find a new superhero to root for and it will take the DC Extended Universe to a new level of awesomeness. Wonder Woman will break all the stereotypes associated with a female superhero and hopefully, the movie will break all box office records too. This will be the first superhero movie fully based on a female protagonist made in such an epic dimension. This is a great move by DC Films and Warner Bros. Pictures to show the authentic woman supremacy through this movie.

DC fans are waiting impatiently for this movie as we all know the superpowers of Wonder Woman but the world needs to know more about background story before the movie releases. The Wonder Woman solo movie directed by Patty Jenkins will not only establish its authority over the male counterparts but also send a signal to the whole world about the power of a woman in a true sense.

Last year, the DC universe had witnessed one of the greatest superhero movies of all times, which is Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that critics truly hated for various reasons which is not taken very seriously by its fans. The criticism backfired and critics are slammed for dumping the movie with such terrible reviews. After one year, the movie became one of the most talked about movies hence this time the fans won't keep silent if anything that's not real written about this movie. The critics must know the backdrop of the story before writing anything about the movie.

 If rumors are to be believed, Wonder Woman will have many villains and it would be interesting to see how Wonder Woman will confront them. We have already seen her fighting with the monstrous supervillain Doomsday in Batman V Superman.

The recently released TV Spots titled "Power", "Goddess" and "Together" looks groundbreaking and undoubtedly this movie will empower the feminists like never before. Our generation will get its new hero, the world will root for her and that's when the true justice will prevail. The 5000-year-old Amazon Princess Wonder Woman is coming to disrupt the superhero universe with full thunder and lightning and not to forget this is just the beginning.



  1. Mridul baruah2:19 AM

    She will break the stereotype once she grows a pair of balls...

  2. Scott A. Smith10:24 AM

    Critics (and other haters) griped endlessly about it being so dark and a no-fun zone. Yet they worshipped the darker Logan, The Revenant, etc.

  3. Brandon11:10 PM

    I'm a fan, and it disappointed me.

  4. Brandon11:13 PM

    Because the darkness worked for those characters, and it wasn't done for the sake of being dark and gritty; it was natural and organic in Logan. Superman doesn't work dark, unless he's evil.

  5. Tim Whale7:28 PM

    Wrong. Fans haven't been waiting for the return of the 'grim dark' late 80s and early 90s. The Dark Knight Returns is old. Comic fans are over it.