What If The World Becomes Free From Human Errors After 100 Years?

We are currently living in an imperfect world because we are humans and mortals do create mistakes. We make gaffes and we learn from our errors. If we stop learning from our faults, it becomes a habit but we are still searching for a faultless life, ideal world. An error-free world is just impossible. We are no algorithm designed to do everything flawlessly but imagine the world after 100 years when the world will be taken over by the machines. The Artificial Intelligence will take away most of our regular jobs. What if the humans are bored from the perfect world and search for the elusive Human Errors in future? It may sound crazy in today's time because it's not relevant.

We keeping goofing up, even the Oscars are no exception. Imagine the world after 100 years when everything is programmed. From ordering a perfectly customized dress for a conference to creating an advertising campaign with the perfect slogan targeted towards a particular audience. Imagine media telling customized news to every individual and celebrities making no controversial statements. The overall perfectness will look so mundane that you will search for errors to feel a bit humane because robots won't make mistakes, they may create big blunders though.

The well-designed building, roads, and perfectly well-driven cars. Error-free movie plots and faultless presentations, the humans will be so enhanced by then that they can't make a single slip-up. They won't be able to do anything different as there will be no privacy. Technology will become so intrusive that with every wrong move, you will be notified immediately. Human Errors will become so rare that people finding it will be awarded.

We are mortals and mortals do make mistakes hence we should stop criticizing people who make mistakes; rather we should try to give them proper inputs for fixing the errors. Human Errors will surely be regarded as a work of art in near future. It will be auctioned and the highest bidder will take away the prized possession. Hence, we are living in interesting times where we have the best of both worlds. That day is no far when the perfect world will look so suffocating that we will try to search for the rawness of the yesteryears and sadly we won’t find.  


  1. Abhijit Ray12:17 AM

    Will an error free world not be very boring? In a competitive sports or in lifes events on person wins because he makes less mistakes. Suppose no one makes a mistake, where will be end up? May be we let two robots fight it out.

  2. Barrie Collins6:50 PM

    The propositions in this article are doubtful.
    The machines will do everything.
    Everything is programmed.
    These are choices, not inevitabilities.
    And there's a small problem, global warming and overpopulation.