Welcome To The Golden Age Of Superheroes - Three Gigantic Influences Of Comic Book Superheroes In Our Lives

Why are we so much influenced by the powers of superheroes like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman? Why we can’t stop thinking about their fates? Why these superheroes slowly become a part of our existence? How we take the flight from reality to a fantasy world with their help? Why these characters are so important for us that we can’t wait to watch and read anything related to them? We are living in an interesting time when we have the muscle of technology and the legacy of comic books to turn all our superheroes into influential metaphors. When the humanity goes through a serious crisis, we need heroes to save the drowning planet. We need heroes for inspiration; we need them to make our world a wonderful space to live in. They give us the perfect outlet to escape and through them, we take all the inspiration to confront all our daily struggles. How the powers and stories of superheroes influence us? Let’s find out three gigantic influences of superheroes in our lives.

#1 The reality is so boring that people often tend to look for a larger-than-life figure to solve all the hassles and traumas of our everyday lives. Superheroes not only add optimism to our existence but also give us a reason to respect them for their powers and charm. We can easily relate to their alter-egos. We like Bruce Wayne for his detective skills and we can easily pick up any of his powers since he is not a superhuman. He is a human unlike Superman and Wonder Woman without any superhuman genes. Batman is the most relatable superhero in the history of mankind because of his superhuman powers which are acquired through technology and deep learning. Batman influences us to see the world from a larger perspective. His aloofness is an inspiration to many because the world is definitely moving towards an era of passionate detachment. We still feel very friendless in the connected world and that’s when we acquire superhuman skills to conquer the world.

#2 It’s always a men’s world. No matter how important woman is, the world gives a step-motherly treatment to women at large. Women are mostly considered weak. We are living in an age where we talk about colonizing Mars but we still prefer to watch a movie based on a male protagonist. We are always so apprehensive about a female leadership. That’s when Wonder Woman comes into the picture. Wonder Woman often considered being as powerful as Superman is still underrated. Finally, Warner Bros. Pictures decided to release the first Wonder Woman solo movie and fans can’t wait for it. The Amazonian Princess certainly needs to be promoted heavily in order to satiate the desires of its fans. We fans still think the movie will break all the records at the box office. The rise of Wonder Woman will have a huge impact in a male-dominated society where women are still considered feeble. It will break all the stereotypes associated with a female superhero. The superhuman powers of the Amazonian Princess will take the DC Universe to a new level of awesomeness. Wonder Woman is one of the most anticipated movies of the year and if everything goes well, she will positively change the way people think about Woman Power. Wonder Woman is the symbol of Power, Courage and Humanity and she is no less than any other superhero on Earth. This is the age when she will be given her respect and identity back to the world which will eventually smash all the clichéd perception about women at large.

#3 Superman is so powerful that we can’t imagine him dying, but we have seen the death of Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which testifies that he is mortal just like the humans but Superman’s comeback is highly anticipated in Justice League that certainly keeps our excitement alive. Superman is the symbol of Hope for generations but this is the age when we are bombarded with some classic movies like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman to give him more mainstream acknowledgment. No matter how critics treat these movies but still Superman flicks will always inspire our generation to believe in the power of Optimism.

Is this the true age of Superheroes? Only time will tell.

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