The Death Of Clickbait Is Both Good And Bad News For The Bloggers

Writing clickbait web content to lure curious Internet users to waste their valuable time on a pathetically written blog post is no less than a crime. Most bloggers are now trying to write daily for attracting an audience to their website. Only a handful of bloggers knows the art of earning money through advertising while the rest keeps trying and failing and re-incarnating from the ashes. Blogging is an interesting process but if you create a blog just for earning money; you are probably the wrong ones. If you want to behave like a fly-by-nighter, your blog will never take off rather you will lose all your credibility if you try to dupe your audience with false promises. 

Clickbait is surely not a new thing. Image Credit: Quora

Annoying Sensational Headlines

The Internet users are already annoyed by sensational headlines lacking real meat. Facebook recently initiated an algorithm to discard such clickbait page by bringing them down in the newsfeed. Posts that claim to reveal some astonishing facts by putting an almost half title to titillate the fantasies of the social media users won’t be endorsed by Facebook. This is surely an era of Social Media but maintaining the ethics of journalism is extremely important. Clickbait posts not only create an amount of frustration as the users are left unsatisfied during the whole process.  

This is the way marketers are using clickbait titles to generate traffic

Google Fighting Spam & Clickbaits

Tech giant Google is already working hard to remove all the top results which are redundant. The ability to endorse quality content is the sole ambition of Google hence no spam will be tolerated. Your web content should be extremely useful for the users otherwise it won’t rank well in Google Search. Quality is the key hence your Search Engine Optimization methods should mainly focus on creating rich and memorable content.

It's extremely important for the bloggers now to create a post that adds value to its readers. Anything less than their expectation will bring an end to their blogging journey. It's not about writing daily but it's all about writing about something that's more innovative and purposeful. 

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Avoid Blogging about the Cliches

Blogging is all about presenting the clichés however if you want to make your audience happy, you have to select topics that can make your post memorable. You can write anything, it can be about your experience in a recent rock concert or your personal review about a new book but if your write crap, nobody will visit your blog again. Your blog will never be able to make a mark among millions of other blogs. What's the use of writing then if you are so ordinary? I guess, anybody can write a blog and promote it among friends and family to enjoy few seconds of fame but the real blogger never writes for fame or money, they write because they love to write.

Writing is a passionate activity which will allow you to grow however it's a very difficult dream to pursue. You will experience extreme criticism that can lead to heartbreak. Your blogging career can be over if you keep producing fluff hence it's always important to do some research before writing your heart out on your blog. If you want to stand out among millions of other blogs and websites, you have to give your audience something different otherwise you will never be able to make it big in the blogging world. I am writing this after 10 years of blogging. I still find it difficult to make a statement in the crowded world because there are so many blogs now and every blog is saying the almost same thing which I am telling hence I don't feel the need to blog anymore because of the suffocation. How to write killer headlines? How to earn money from blogs? How to drive massive traffic to your blog? These questions are so very tempting that we bloggers can't help but click on them every day and night.
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Create Something Memorable

All blogs are almost saying the same thing still we are clicking them daily. They are clickbaits and we should avoid them today. Many news agencies are also relying on clickbait headlines to drive Social Media traffic however it's very important to see the source before you waste your time clicking and reading garbage. Writing killer headline is an art but duping audience with clickbait headlines is an offense. The era of spamming is finally getting over and with this; many cliché blogs will bite the dust. Only the blogs that are genuinely brilliant will make it to the top while other will just fade away into oblivion.

This is the right time to polish your diction, search for interesting and meaningful topics and create something worthwhile instead of creating clickbait content. I am writing this because one of my posts was highly criticized to be a clickbait which was actually not but actually it was. For me, it was brilliant but the headline was so sensational that I was unable to keep the promise throughout my post. There are thousands of wannabe bloggers out there checking their stats daily with a dream to make it big someday but only 1% of them are getting their due while the rest are just wasting their time scribbling about things that nobody actually cares about. You can’t be a social reporter unless and until you polish your skills; you can’t be a successful blogger if you don’t know what interest your readers. Nobody has the time to read about your life unless and until you are a big gun hence stop whining about your daily struggles and focus on something more meaningful. Personal blogs are dead, it’s time for blogs that are making you laugh, cry and learn new things. 

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Blogging was a personal passion a few years back but now it became such a popular activity that you can’t take it lightly. You can’t play with the intelligence of your readers by writing clickbait articles. You can’t lose weight instantly, you can’t earn billions overnight hence bloggers should stop dreaming before it’s too late. Only blog if you have something worthwhile to speak otherwise keep it to yourself. It’s time to clear the mess created by some wannabe bloggers that tells about earning money through blogging nonsense. You can only earn if you write well and no amount of promotion or technique can help you to make your post viral. So the key takeaways from this post are clear – Write if you feel passionate about the topic, write if your story is unique, write if you feel that itch from within or else stop everything and go out for some real life experience rather than wasting your time blogging.  

Creativity and Clickbaits

We can’t deny the amount of brainstorming goes before creating a clickbait title for a blog post but it’s completely futile if you can’t justify your awesome headline hence in order to evolve as a writer, you should try to avoid clichés and churn out something that can make your content utterly delicious for the readers to consume on a daily basis.

Although clickbait headlines are used by many popular viral blogs and websites but it’s time to give a serious thought on this. PS: There’s nothing wrong writing a killer headline for driving traffic to your awesome post.

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