Is Batman The Loneliest Playboy Of All-Time?

Batman - the greatest superhero on Earth is ruling the comic universe without having any superhuman powers. People find Batman contemporary and relatable because all his powers are acquired through deep learning. He is filthy rich still he is lonely. That sounds awkward but The Dark Knight loves to work alone and means serious business. The premature death of his parents is one of the main reasons for his loneliness and detachment. He works in a Batcave, which gives him the perfect breathing space to confront his inner demons and investigate. He is found living in a psychological hell. Just like a quintessential loner, Batman always leaves the company of his teammates after the deal is over.

From romancing with Julie Madison to Vicki Vale, from Selina Kyle (Catwoman) to Talia al Ghul, from Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy) to Sasha Bordeaux, from Harley Quinn to Wonder Woman, from Shondra Kinsolving to Barbara Gordon, Batman has a long list of dating partners still he is a symbol of eternal loner. His constant endeavor to protect Gotham City from crime makes him a reclusive superhero, who is considered misfit for a long-term relationship. Batman’s playboy image also acts as a catalyst to bring an end to his romantic connections. The true strength of The Dark Knight lies in his ability to investigate cases from his Batcave and fight crime without creating much noise. Unlike other superheroes, Batman’s alter-ego Bruce Wayne is equally tough. He is a trained martial artist who can knock down any mortal criminal with feline ease.

Unlike great playboys like Casanova, Hugh Hefner, and Don Juan, Batman (Bruce Wayne) often slept with his dating partners rather he used them as a distraction for his enemies. Fighting crime is always been his first priority hence he never gave importance to his love life hence he is always lost and abandoned. Batman’s billionaire status and his seriousness towards his job of protecting the Gotham City makes The Dark Knight a tough nut to crack for the ladies. His larger-than-life image acts a curse in disguise for his eternal singlehood.

Batman’s character is much relevant to our generation because most of the successful people in the world are often lonely. They may have lots of acquaintances, fame, and money, but they finally rest in their self-made Batcaves just like our Superhero. The urban loneliness in the fast moving cityscapes often makes us contemplate, which eventually makes us do things that are above the mortal powers. The loneliness of our superhero besides having so many partners stir-up our imagination to explore the life of the true legend called Batman.

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