Here’s Why Wonder Woman Will Attract Both Youngling Millennial & Adult Baby Boomers - It's Destined to Smash All Box Office Records

Image Credit: Warner Bros.
Harvard psychologist William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman to break the notion of male supremacy and establish a genuine symbol representing Woman Power in the society. Wonder Woman made its first appearance in the year 1941 in All Star Comics #8 and after 76 years, a solo Wonder Woman movie is made. It took a very long time despite WW's popularity and the legacy she carries with her. Last year, Zack Snyder introduced a bang on intro of Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman. It's a great responsibility for Patty Jenkins to direct the first Wonder Woman film (starring Gal Gadot) to the audience who grew up reading comics. Wonder Woman will definitely attract both young and old because of the grandiosity and element of fictional prowess associated with this DC character who is considered exceedingly powerful. Her powers are no less than Superman.

She is the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus, an Amazonian demigoddess who was trained mentally and physically in the moon-shaped island of Themyscira. Her superpowers come from her birth as she was made out of clay and bestowed upon speed, flight, strength, and beauty. The long history of the Amazonian Princess, which accumulated a strong fan base, is the best bet for DC Films and Warner Bros. Pictures to push the DC Cinematic Universe to entirely a different height of awesomeness.

The popularity of Wonder Woman can’t be compared with the likes of Captain America or Thor but Wonder Woman is a much bigger hero than all the Avengers combined, which is definitely no exaggeration. She is one of the three superheroes who had their own comic book in the 1950s. It was only Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman back then, which proves her iconic status and impact on the society during that era. The popularity of Wonder Woman is increasing and she surely fits well in the modern scenario. She symbolizes woman empowerment at its best.

This is the true age of superheroes as we have seen superhero movies getting an enormous response after the introduction Nolan’s Batman Trilogy and Snyder’s Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. The world is craving for more and this is definitely the right time to introduce a female superhero to the mainstream audience who would be stunned to see the adventures of the Amazonian Princess. Not only fans of DC Comics would like it, this movie is destined to generate lots of buzz among the young urban populace at large. The trailers are already looking great, however, we have to wait until June 2 to actually know the gigantic impact that this movie will generate, which has the potential to break all box office records.

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