Is Ambra Pazzani The Greatest Cosplay Artist?

Image Credit: Alessio Buzi

We all loved Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of justice. The Israeli beauty surely showed her acting skills with sheer panache. We can’t wait for the Wonder Woman solo movie, we think she is just irreplaceable but wait, we may be wrong.  Until yesterday, I thought Gal Gadot to be the hottest superheroine on earth but the moment I saw Ambra Pazzani, in one of the DC forums surely made me wonder.

There are thousands of Cosplay artist in the world who are extremely gorgeous however the appeal of Ambra Pazzani is surely mouth watering. Her beauty just matched with the personality of a demigoddess. I hope fans of Gal Gadot are not offended as she looked hotter than her in the photographs but it’s not only about looks. Gal Gadot surely did justice to her roles and we all appreciate her stunning presence but Ambra Pazzani is surely disrupting the whole DC fan base. People are going crazy over her tight appearance.

Image credit: Luciano Ponticelli
After spotting her in one of the DC forums, I started searching for her and came to know that she is a known Cosplay Artist across Italy.  In an interview with Movie Pilot, she expressed her love for Cosplays and costumes without which she feels incomplete. Her other major cosplays include X-23. There is not much information about her however she must have worked really hard to look like a stunning Wonder Woman. Although fans appreciated her Wonder Woman look, many of the Gal Gadot fans really thought her to be a temporary attraction.

Whatever the reactions may be, this girl totally stunned everyone with her perfect Wonder Woman photo shoot. A lot of credit goes to the photographer Alessio Buzi. I wrote this post just to appreciate her beauty that exudes so much poetry and charm. We can love or hate her but surely we can’t ignore her. Our love for Gal Gadot will always remain unchanged but the image of Ambra Pazzani as Wonder Woman won’t fade away soon.

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