How Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder Transformed Batman Into a Cult Figure That Many Generation Won't Forget?

When darkness looms over the Gotham City, the Bat comes and annihilates the evil. He is rich, he is all powerful but he is no super human. He is just another billionaire who uses technology and his detective skills to save the planet. No matter how powerful or cunning the villain is, Batman never gives up and that’s the main motivation behind the character that looks so contemporary and realistic. Batman may be a fictional superhero but his character was so perfectly crafted that he could easily become the symbol of Hope at the times of crisis. Batman is imperfect, he is full of insecurities still he manages to lure the whims and fancies of our generation. The darkness is always conquered and the dawn leaves us feeling satisfied. Every generation needs a hero and we have found ours but it wouldn't have been possible without the cult directors like Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder.

Christopher Nolan actually started the Batman revolution with Batman Begins (2005), and then The Dark Knight (2008) and then The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Christopher Nolan's directorial skills highlighted the dark side of human emotions. He is the master in showcasing conflicts. Music played a huge role in his movies and how can we forget the contribution of Hans Zimmer without whom all the Batman movies are incomplete. His music added depth to its characters and brought punch to every important situation in the movie. Nolan recreated the Batman franchise with a fresh approach and he truly won it with the much acclaimed Batman Trilogy ever. Nolan’s ability to create a trancelike movie viewing experience is what sets him apart from other directors. He is the master in his game for sure. Nobody could replace his approach towards the comic book superheroes and super villains. From the portrayal of Scarecrow, Joker and Bane, all the super villains in his movie were shown superior to Batman’s ability, however, the never-give-up attitude of Batman is what Nolan extracted from his films the most.

Eventually, the Batman created by Nolan broke all the records and made the lost superhero a household name again. The story has just begun; the fire which was started by Nolan was given the wind by Zack Snyder. He started with Man of Steel and then re-introduced Batman in his second movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The movie broke BO records, fans loved it and the Critics slammed the movie but the hope for great movies continues and we have no doubt in Zack Snyder’s capabilities who understand the soul of every DC fan. He kept the theme of Batman movies dark, unlike Marvel. There are more dream sequences and philosophical elements in his movies which go missing in the Marvel movies. With Justice League, Zack Snyder will not only prove the critics wrong but also immortalize the most popular superhero of our times. The Justice League will once again overshadow the Avengers and come out victorious. Things are only getting warmed up, the real battle begins henceforth. This is just to remind all the DC haters that don’t ever think about challenging the Batman; it can destroy you without a whimper. 

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