The 3D Printed Girlfriend Who Cheats

In the year 2080, the skyscrapers in King Coast East almost touching the sky, the apartments are almost filled; the roads are almost suffocated with self-driven pods. Amid all the man-made wonders, the soul of yesteryears was missing. The AI almost took over many jobs including writing and theatrics. There was no place on Earth left for the humans to unwind. All the places were either taken over by the rich robots or the mercenaries who made them. The technophiles found their safe haven on the Red planet while the people with minimal intellect became the slaves of the AI machines. Earth is no green, it’s somewhat orange now. Vivian, a 30-year-old living in a posh apartment serving the Robots, is often lonely as there are no humans left in the society where he dwells. He is actually a prisoner of the Final War fought between the tech giants and the machines. He is the only human survivor who was captured by the Robots for helping them learn about emotions so that they could incorporate them into the next generation of droids for bringing peace and prosperity among nations just like yesteryears. Although he was a prisoner, he was kept in an open environment.

He had the luxury to meet machines that looked real. From holographic pets to super-efficient butlers, Vivian had all the worldly possessions in the house where he was imprisoned. Though all the doors are open for him still he was unable to go outside due to lack of oxygen. The place outside the property is not human-friendly and it will cause serious injury if he tries to step outside. The boredom and loneliness amid the non-humans made Vivian look for a human partner with whom he can interact to survive. He requested a clone of his girlfriend for surviving the onslaught of the ruthless machine world to the Head droid. Vivian’s brain was scanned to extract the image of his girlfriend to create a humanoid. Finally, the robots managed to create a copy of his girlfriend. Vivian was happy however he wasn’t allowed to meet her for a few days. The copy of his girlfriend was then sent to the higher authority for the proper scanning of viruses.

During the whole process, Vivian waited patiently but he was unable to control his patience. It’s been more than 100 days now still there’s no clue about his girlfriend. After a few days, Vivian felt ill and was admitted to the hospital. Vivian was dying out of boredom and loneliness. The machines learned about his depression after he was scanned. They decided to bring his girlfriend in front of him. Finally, he met her but after seeing her; he died out of a massive heart stroke. The reason for his death was clear as his girlfriend was not loyal to him. The 3D printed humanoid had the image of her partner embedded in her heart which was clearly visible. The robots tried to keep him away from her just because they knew he won’t be able to withstand this. The robots by then became more humane and loyal than their human counterparts. There’s still humanity and loyalty in the world of algorithms while something was still missing among the so-called human beings.