Why Age Is Just a Number and Karma Is a Bitch?

I am writing this after lots of introspection. This is an over thought piece of my mind that not only answers dilemmas of the urban residents but also gives them another chance to not think too much about their future. There’s nothing like the right time for anything happening in your life. If you are losing in every attempt to woo a girl of your dream, if you are not getting right kind of friend circle, if you are still sleeping alone, if you are still clueless about your life, this piece of mine will answer your queries. You might be wondering about the right age for everything in life. There’s nothing called the right age for anything. Right age is for the ordinary. It exudes mediocrity and I know if you are reading this you are no run of the mill person who wants to live a life approved by the so-called society at large. You are born to dream and you have those unseen wings beneath your arms. You want to rise from the ashes of destruction; you want to turn your weaknesses into your strength. You are a Spartan who can defeat any army with your skills. I know you have insecurities but insecurities are good. I know you have faced many hardships in life still, you are moving ahead. I know you have dreams to see the most beautiful corners of the earth, I know you want to drive a Merc one day, I know you want to date somebody who will not only understand your passion but also give you enough space to flaunt your madness, I know you want to experiment, I know you want to taste everything, I know you have a very open mind and you don’t judge people. You actually represent the elite class who can achieve anything in life.

People always think about the right age for everything. What’s the right age to get married, what’s the right age to have kids, what’s the right age for the first kiss, what’s the right time to break the barrier of loneliness, what’s the right age to retire, what’s the right age buy an iPhone, what’s the right age to buy a car, what’s the right age for sex, what’s the right age to make a world changing decision, what’s the right time to get published, what’s the right time to propose, what’s the right age to give a Roadies audition, what’s the right time to tell your parents about your sexual preferences, what’s the right time to get high, what’s the right age to tell your parents about your affairs, what’s the right time to travel the world, what’s the right time to post a Facebook update, what’s the right time to start a Blog, what’s the right time to tell yourself that you have to break your silence about your depression, what’s the right age to do things. There’s actually no right age for anything in this world. It’s all about your inclination and passion for doing something. Late bloomer is a myth. You can achieve anything anytime and you will be appreciated anytime. You don’t have to be the first mover.

If you want to achieve your dream, you have to fail thousand times before you get the approval. There’s nothing like tasting success after a series of failures. The urban population is moving at light speed. There’s so much competition going on. You can’t ignore the rat race, you have to face them, you have to take the baggage of insecurities and imperfectness along with you. You have to face the worst possible situation in your life to rise again. You can’t escape the ruthlessness of time; you can’t blame anyone for your failures. You won’t get your first Tinder date so easily, you can’t be the funniest stand-up comedian overnight, you can’t earn millions of dollars through your YouTube videos during the night, you have to dream, you have to stay awake at night, you have to do things that are beyond your comfort zone. I know it’s not easy but that’s the hymn for all the happiness in the world. You have to master the art of staying happy amid isolation and failure, you have to let go things those aren’t meant for you, you have to stop trying hard, you have to look ahead, and you have to see the silver lining that comes with the darkness. After all, Karma is a bitch and you get what you deserve sooner or later.


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  4. Superman and then Batman are my two most favorite characters in all of pop culture, not just the superhero medium. And I couldn't wait to see this film. But unfortunately, it was a poorly constructed (although beautiful looking) film by the director.

    You say Superman looked exactly like the comics. Yes he does. But Lex Luther does not. If you applaud one aspect, you have to be disappointed with the other.

    The movie opens so well, only to fall away and become so boring in the middle that all the action sequences more or less come at the end. Leaving the middle so long winded and tiresome.

    The movie is Superman and Batman, yet would you let anyone under the age of 10 maybe even 12/13 see this film? Wouldn't it have been great to take your kids to see how great Superman and batman can be?

    The movie was just so sad the entire time and devoid of any fun whatsoever. I personally loved all the action sequences, what there was of them, but the rest of the film as you stated really was convoluted. Why did Lex have to kidnap Martha? After the destruction of metropolis, why was the African stuff need to be added? The dream sequences were just Snyder's opportunity to do more of his nonsensical cool scenes that because they're a dream, he thinks we can just accept them being added in.

    You also say it broke records. We'll, that's because it was Superman and Batman on the screen at the same time. I beleive it would have made double if the film was simpler and better edited.

  5. Kawshik Ahmed5:07 AM

    Lex didn't looked like his comic counter part you say. But it depends which comic are you looking for. If you compare him with 'Superman: Birthright' (2004) he is quite accurate looking and have the same kind of motivation.

    Lex kidnapped Martha because Superman wasn't willing enough to fight Batman.

    And I don't understand why people is not understanding the 'Knightmare Scene'. It a 'Alternate Timeline' were Lois dies and because of this tragic loss (he already lost is whole planet, family, race everything, Lois is the 2nd best thing he had)he becomes evil and he blames Batman for this death. It is losely based on Injustice and Flashpoint, because later Flash comes to warn Batman of this possible timeline. Even though it is said to be a 'Dream' but there is a Visual hint that this is not a dream. If you look carefully when Future Barry come all of Bruces papers were floating away and when Bruce 'wake' ups all his papers were still floating away in back, so it wasn't a simple dream.

  6. Maisha Eugene2:04 PM

    The dream sequence wasn't a dream...the papers were blowing around when he ( Bruce ) sat up. Also, I do agree the film was boring the first time I saw it, but watching it a second time was much better, and what's more the extended cut is far better than the theatrical version. I like but I can't see it being one of the best movies ever.....It's up to ones opinion....if you like it fine, if you don't that's fine too.