Scream Rooms - The Last Refuge of a Lone Wolf

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Imagine a world where you are daily competing with robots, and they are much more advanced and efficient than you. Imagine a world, full of ruthless deadline seekers. Imagine a world when you have to re-invent yourself daily to survive. The invasion of technology looks tricky. Amid peer pressure and continuous push for progression, human beings will soon become working instruments. There's no end to this because we have to embrace the coming modernization to survive and stand. We can't run away from the shadows which are created out of our existence. In the quest for advancement, human beings will be pushed into a world of beautiful illusions. There will be no reality, there will be only shadows chasing you day and night. There will be fear created to tame you at every phase of your life. You will be extracted till the last drop of blood. Consumerism is increasing and you can't ignore its onslaught hence you have to run hard. The modern society will reduce into a performing jungle.

The skyscrapers will always make you feel small. You will be reduced to the size of an ant but the growth of those structures won't stop. The future world may look much more advanced but there will be less soul. The connection between people will only happen virtually. Your busy lives will never let you do things that you love because you can't afford to, you don't have the luxury to - not work. The great society where we are living now has best of both the worlds. We have a half-baked technology and we have a half-baked existence. When we join them, it becomes a perfect world but things will change in future. We won't have a half-baked existence too. We will have no friends; we will be loners in our own homes. We have to find a silver lining and take the legacy of our past to the future without compromising on the happiness factor. The urban world is competitive hence you are always stressed out. You have no time to talk over the phone. You are reduced to a typing machine where you can exchange words day and night but could not exchange hugs in actuality.

The curse of modern times looms over everyone. The increasing population of introverts, workaholics and daydreamers testify to the very fact that we are slowly moving into that much-feared zone. How can you get rid of uselessness? There will be no answer if you don't think now. Just like a health club, a hub for loners, workaholics and daydreamers should be created so that these people also get a chance to live life to their fullest. Due to work pressure and other commitments, people generally become socially detached and they can't make a valid interaction. They are often termed as insane but in reality, these people suffer from extreme loneliness. The scream room concept is for them.

Lately, an Egyptian bookshop introduces this concept where visitors can de-stress by screaming. They are allowed to scream for 10 minutes in a dark room. They have also placed a drum kit for venting frustration and it's free of charge. This idea will surely be appropriate for the future generation. Not only a scream room but there will be a complete place dedicated to lone wolves and socially challenged people. While most normal people have no fears of facing the public, the loners are extremely scared of making a conversation. They always mess up a whole situation by saying something inappropriate hence they need a place of their own where they can do anything without facing any type of judgments from others. From screaming to mad dancing, from headbanging rooms to monologue rooms, there should be space for every activity, however, the center should not be treated like a mental asylum. It should get all the respect. The world is going insane in some form or another hence we need a space where we can confront the insanity bestowed upon us by the so-called modern society.  

Also Published Here | The Assam Tribune | 18 November 2016

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