Living in the moment is an art

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Living in the moment is an art. Most people destroy their youth by worrying about the future. There's no use of saving for your future, there's no use of whining about your past, the only moment of truth is now. You live in the moment. Anything can happen tomorrow hence love, share and drink now.

Perfection is the greatest disease that mankind is trying to achieve in the quest of upgrading their lifestyle. In the short journey of life, most people waste most of their precious moments for decorating their tomorrows. There’s no use of living a life under constant pressure to build a beautiful future because you don’t have control over circumstances. Everything is unpredictable. If things are going right in your life preserve it. Don’t try to spoil it by thinking about the forthcoming upheavals. Life will move on anyways. There’s no time machine in real life hence you can’t visit your future to plan your present. The only thing which is real is now, right now. You are reading this and this is the only truth. 

The idea of saving money or flaunting a big bank balance is immaterial if you can’t enjoy the moment. You spend your whole life doing your regular work, saving money for your kids and one fine day the world changes and all the things that are of value become defunct. You are no soothsayer who can predict the future. You will meet too many people who will tell you save money for your future, you will meet many people who will tell you plan but don’t you think you lose the whole meaning of your existence during the entire process of planning and plotting? Don’t you think you just become a robot who works for the living and creating wealth? 

Today you are free, tomorrow you are caged. Today you have wings left to decipher the beautiful horizon, tomorrow you are just dead. Your disappearance will make no difference, the world will move without you. Everyone will move on. If you are a thorough perfectionist, you should stop reading this now as I think, the quest for perfection is a disease. There’s nothing like perfect in this world. Everything is an illusion. 

I know many people who spend their whole life working for their kids and building a home but the kids do not help them or anyone live in their homes. I know people who save a lot and live a life of a beggar, I know many people who think I am too irrational but the fact is I live in the moment. What’s the use of thinking about your future when you have not seen it? What’s the use of taking the unnecessary stress of heartbreak when you can get many? What’s the use of thinking about the things you lost? You shouldn’t be worried about anything because time is the greatest healer. People take pressure to get promoted but what will you do with the man-made designations. 

Living in the moment is the best thing you can do right now because the world is on the verge of great transition. We can see major changes in leadership and decision making happening. Unlike yesteryears, the materialism and the consumerism will tempt you to indulge and flaunt and if you have the capability now flaunt it but never take pressure. You should not compare your beauty with others because beauty is an enigma and everyone is born with uniqueness. 

Some people spend their whole life trying to prove that they are sincere. They reach office at the right time, they perform, they return home tired and sleep. At the end of the month, they get their salary, they pay their bills, invest in their kid's education, don’t have much sex and dies. They never enjoy life rather they are just born to earn and die. They sometimes take their family for vacation and that’s more like a formal thing for them. It’s time to break free and live in the moment. I know you have lots of stress – family, work and others but you can’t change it by worrying. You execute now or tomorrow but don’t think about the future. You should live in the moment. 

I know you are unhappy because you are thinking about tomorrow. I know you are sad about your recent breakup. I know you have lots of money but no time. I know you want to earn money to buy your dream car but just think once, are you really living the precious time you are bestowed upon? Are you smiling a lot? Are you doing things that you love most? If not, just get up and start enjoying the moment. I am sure you will feel better after doing this. Eventually dying with your memories is far better than dying with your dreams. 

Thank you.

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